Do you ever return to your roots for inspiration? That’s what the Celebration Barn is for me. In the heart of beautiful New England Fall-Color country, it’s a big old barn turned into a one-of-a kind performance space. And it’s where I first came, decades-ago, as a last-ditch effort to find a way to transform my relationship to the harp … or I was going to walk away from the harp forever. (read more)

“The Barn” was life-changing – not just for me, but for the harp – because it was with Tony Montanaro, the man who created Celebration Barn – that I broke through my own constricted ideas of what the harp could be, and what I could be with a harp. 

Without that I would never have written genre-bending concertos for the electric harp, never have toured the world, or been at the heart of the creation of a new kind of harp – a wearable body-harp, exactly the kind of harp Tony imagined for me. Sat. Oct. 8 I’m back at the Barn with a LIVE show.  Get Tix now:

Up at the Barn, I discovered the immense breakthroughs of learning in community with other performers.  For the first time I saw how the bravery of sharing our ‘half-baked’ creative ideas in a safe environment leads to creative breakthroughs for every single person in the room – so much more powerful than 1-on-1 learning in isolation. 

I saw how artists who were just learning a new skill could offer completely unexpected insights for seasoned performers – and I saw how a master-coach can guide the experience of discovery for everyone in the room towards who we each uniquely are – and how that can change my life – and the lives of everyone I touch with my music by opening me up to the courage of being who I AM – and sharing that with the world.

So this weekend is a huge coming-together of power for me. Not only am I returning to perform at the Barn – my first full solo show in 3 years – but my own version of “Celebration Barn” – Hip Harp Academy – is open for Registration. This is where I pass what I learned from Tony combined with the unique skills, tools and structures I’ve learned in my own life about creative expression and improvisation… on the harp he made it possible for me to love again.  

If you want to open your life to everything you can be – come to the show Oct. 8th for inspiration. And if you play the harp, join me for a whole year of inspiration and transformation — so you can share who you most deeply, truly, beautifully are with the world. 


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