Mini-Marathon Facebook Live Today

I’m doing a Mini-Marathon Facebook Live as a challenge to harpist Shelley Fairplay, creator of the “Start Harp” Method of online harp learning. Why just a Mini-Marathon? Well, I’m ALSO doing a FREE WEBINAR today to share my “Blueprint for Improv”...
Harp By Candlelight

Harp By Candlelight

Sometimes a gift is about sharing what you think of as your ‘true self’. Sometimes a gift is about sharing a part of yourself that may feel awkward, or different than you think you are – and yet it speaks to the heart of someone you love in a way...

A Spectrum of Diversity on the Symphony Stage

The students from Cicely Tyson School of Performing Arts will be performing three of my pieces as soloists with the West Shore Symphony Orchestra on Sunday, Nov. 18th – playing alongside their teacher, orchestra soloist Robbin Gordon-Cartier (Get more show info...

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