Every Valentine’s Day I try to publish a post with a composite of love stories past.  The idea is that eventually I’ll have a whole lot of romance all on one page.  There’s always a mad scramble on Valentine’s day to search for new posts I’ve created about love or romance and so here’s the 2018 lineup

Annabella & Piano Man Sam (A Love Story) 

My grandparents had a secret life. So secret they didn’t even know it themselves … . MORE HERE

My First Love Song

I wrote my first love song when I was 13 for an unrequited love. 25 years later we met again in a record store. 40 years later we started the friendship we wished we’d had as teenagers. READ MORE HERE

My First Kiss

What can I say? It stopped the world. READ MORE HERE

And then He Kissed Me …

Melinda Johnson told me racy, romantic stories on the schoolbus and they always ended with the same line, which never ceased to thrill me … READ MORE HERE

A Hamburger Valentine
(Vegetarians Beware!)

A Hamburger Valentine – Rediscovered on Valentine’s Day 2018, this slideshow video shows the year that Ben decided valentine’s day should be a little meatier. Watch it on YouTube

Closer to you (Lyrics)

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re headed in the right direction and whether love will find you on your journey – I wondered, too.  And someone had the answer.  READ MORE HERE

I’ll Be Your Sous Chef, Baby (Video)

If music be the food of love … then I want to hand out in the kitchen with the chef.

Watch the YouTube Video Here

Download the FREE MP3 (and other stuff) here

Siana’s Dream: The Music Box

Stories are true in different ways. This story about a magical music box had more truth than I thought …


My Mother’s Mexican Hat

Some women fall in love with clothes – even with hats. But what if a hat fell in love with your mother?


Love Gone Bad

I once sent an ANTI-Valentine to my ex-boyfriend and his new love. I claimed it was a joke. But it wasn’t.

When love goes bad … it sometimes stinks up your whole life




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