How I met my mother

Join electric harpist & vocalist Deborah Henson-Conant from her studio for a LIVE STUDIO CONCERT on Saturday May 11, 2019 at 8PM EDT. Sign up HERE to get reminders AND  a replay link if you missed the show! [First posted May 14, 2017, updated May 11, 2019] This is... read more

You Have a Voice

World Voice Day is April 16th. I originally wrote this show for the one-woman musical “What the Hell are you Doing in the Waiting Room for Heaven??” but now I sing it in concert and with harp ensembles as a spontaneous choral piece. In the musical, a little girl has... read more

I’m so happy to see you!

I was scrolling through LinkedIn, trying to be social when it hit me: I was seeing poses. Like animals, frozen in a pecking order, flaring out feathers, puffing out chests.  And LinkedIn isn’t nearly as intense with that as other social media. And here’s me... read more

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