In my last show, I stepped on stage, girded my courage and shared something I rarely share in concert: How I think about MUSIC ITSELF.  I talked about how I break the creative process down into 7 principles I call the “Strings of Passion” and how breaking it down like that allows you to bring creative resonance into every part of you life. 

So many people came up to me afterwards and told me how much they loved not only being entertained and inspired at a concert, but learning something about the creative process.

 Sooooo many people said this to me that I created a half-day online immersion workshop to give you the opportunity to fully experience these 7 principles in a live online workshop with me!

I invite you to step into that world with me on Saturday, March 9th – starting at 2:30 pm EST for a 4-Hour online Creativity Workshop that opens up the creative process for you whether you play an instrument, dance, act, draw — or whether these are things you only dream of doing. 

Join me for the first-ever half-day Creative Resonance Online Workshop. When you sign up you get the live online workshop, the downloadable  “Creative Resonance” workbook and you’ll get access to the replay so you can review it. 

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And yes … I’m talking to YOU – you who longs to feel the freedom of expressing yourSELF with more freedom in every part of your life. YOU who has a dream you left behind.  YOU, who got the idea that certain kinds of creative expression is for other people – not you.  I’m here to say it is for YOU.

I’m Deborah Henson-Conant. I am proud to be a Grammy-Nominated composer and performer. I tell stories with music and I play the electric harp. 

Yes, I am a harpist – but this is not a “harp workshop” –– it’s a creativity workshop for anyone who wants to expand the creativity in your own life. 

Will I use the harp in the workshop? Absolutely!  It’s waaaay better than a power point presentation!

And here’s what I want you to know about creativity: Your creativity can be unlocked in an instant.  Creative expression not about long, arduous hours of practice. It can BE a practice, of letting go – of deeply connecting to yourself and others through whatever you’re doing.  It’s all about connection — not perfection.

What about the 10,000 Hours to Mastery?

Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called “Outlier.” in which he stated that it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials, like playing the violin or the harp. 

Maybe that’s true and maybe it’s not true – but that’s not what creativity is about. Everyone has the right to be creative – to experience and share peak creative expression in your life. It does not take 10,000 hours of practice.  It’s about FREEDOM — and YOU had this freedom of creative expression as a child and you can experience it again – right now, as you are in this moment.

That’s what this workshop is about. 

It’s about breaking down the creative process that connects creative impulse and creative expression – so that you have building blocks to play with. That’s what we do in this “Creative Resonance” workshop – we break it down into the building blocks. 

I had no time for 10,000 hours ….

When I took on becoming a professional musician – which I did as an adult –  I did not have time for 10,000 hours of practice. I didn’t even have time to learn to read music – and I’ve never become fluent at it.

What I needed was a connection to the  fundamentals, building blocks, bridges, connectors, cheat sheets – I wasn’t out to prove anything, I was just out to play – and I had to learn to play FAST because I had to make a living at something I was just learning to do.

To do that, I needed to break it down – to know how does this work — not ‘how to do it right’ – but how to find my own way in – so that music could become a playground – not a specific style or set of notes.  And I found that what I learned – from doing that on the harp –  can be expanded into any field of creative expression.


That ability to break it down let me have a career I never thought I could have – like play my own original music with symphony orchestras like the Boston Pops, the National Symphony Orchestra, the Baltimore Symphony — to have a PBS special of my music, a film of my new musical, to make a living for a lifetime as an independent creative – someone who had refused to take lessons as a child.

This all happened because I learned CREATIVITY and how to break it down.  I learned that by working with many teacher not just musicians – but in theatre, dance, even mime. I’ve spent a lifetime exploring creative expression. 

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been breaking down the process of creativity into seven basic principles that anyone can play with (and you can even do it with only the first 3).

I’ve been incubating this process with thousands of musicians … who happen to be harpists … from around the world in my online Hip Harp Academy – and I’ve done this with harpists because harpists are my tribe, not because this work is only for harpists. It’s amazing for harpists.  It’s amazing for anyone. 

The “Strings of Passion” – these principals of Creative Resonance have developed THROUGH my experience with the harp – with the harp as a laboratory for creative expression that can be used in any medium. I mean ANY medium.   And if you doubt this … just go visit the Burnt Food Museum to see that you can apply the principles of creativity to ANYTHING – even culinary disaster.

But before you go visit the Burnt Food Museum – register here to join me for the “Creative Resonance” Immersion.  Bring yourself. Bring your dreams.  Bring your questions about how creativity fits in your life. Just bring YOU! And you’re going to experience how much more there is of you creatively.

Here’s what we’ll be doing:

The first thing we’ll do is a guided meditation to meet your personal muse – the one inside you.   

Then I’ll take you through the  Seven Strings of Passion so you experience how each principle opens your creative resonance in different way – your ability to express on the outside, what you experience on the inside – and to experience much more deeply on the inside as you begin to be more self-expressed.

Creative Resonance is about the fundamentals of creative expression, broken down into seven simple concepts that you can use over and over and over to expand the creativity of anything you do  – exactly as you are right now — no matter who you are – no matter what you dream.

I hope you’ll join me.


For A Special Live Virtual Workshop

The Creative Resonance Immersion

Sat. Mar. 9th – 2:30 to 6:30 PM EST

In this Special Half-Day Immersion Workshop, you will:

  • Meet your personal muse in a Guided Meditation
  • Immerse yourself in the Seven Strings of Passion and experience how each principle opens your creative resonance – your ability to express on the outside, what you experience on the inside
  • Devise a Creative Structure to support your new creative vision
  • Learn these seven principles unlock creativity in ANYTHING you do – and how to apply them to EVERYTHING you do

Join this  4-Hour “Creative Resonance Immersion” workshop!

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