Composer’s Spotlight Series: So Jeong Shim plays ‘Baroque Flamenco’ on an electric harp

In this interview, So Jeong Shim shares her experience playing Deborah’s ‘Baroque Flamenco’, why she chose to learn this piece, and how it impacted her life.

Her advice to those who are interested in playing the piece is: “I want you to learn about the background of this song and play it. I hope you don’t just read and play music, but study what the composer wrote and what story the Baroque Flamenco contains.”

She also shares how her first encounter with an electronic harp was such a pivotal moment for her because that’s when she met with Deborah who introduced her to this new world. She hopes that one day if they meet again, she would like to perform music together with the piece composer herself rather than as a teacher and student.

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So Jeong Shim

So Jeong Shim (심소정) is a singer-songwriter and harpist in Korea. She received a master’s degree from Eastman University of Music and currently studying art management Ph.D. in Korea. She runs a YouTube channel, uploads various cover songs, and tries to popularize harp. She also published basic harp textbooks and a number of song albums.

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Watch So Jeong Shim play ‘Baroque Flamenco’ on an electric harp.

A Mini-Interview with So Jeong

How would you describe your experience of playing the piece?

Intensity, mood, sexiness, exotic, classic

What do people say when you play this piece? Do you have favorite memories of people’s reactions to it?

People were surprised that the harp could express various sounds and atmospheres. In particular, it was fascinating to implement a stroke technique that can only be expressed with a guitar as a harp.

What drew you to this piece – why did you choose to learn it?

I wanted to express the traditional and luxurious charm that comes to mind when I think of Baroque and the alluring and sensual charm that comes to mind when I think of Flamenco at the same time.

What does this piece add to your repertoire (and/or your life) that you didn’t have before?

The original song had a lot longer and more repetitive parts. My sweet colleague composer Sihyun Uhm re-arranged for me to show various impacts in a more intense and shorter time so it added to my repertoire.

What would you tell someone else who’s thinking of learning this piece that you wish you’d known before you learned it?

I want you to learn about the background of this song and play it. I hope you don’t just read and play music, but study what the composer wrote and what story the Baroque Flamenco contains.

What do you think you can get from working directly with the composer of the piece that you can’t get from the sheet music?

As a matter of fact, the first time I encountered an electronic harp was when I met a composer. I first encountered an electronic harp while staying at the composer’s house. Deborah Henson Conant was the first to teach me the electronic harp. I didn’t know anything about electronic harp at that time, but Deborah taught me a new world. We met as a teacher and a student at that time, but I would like to be on the same stage with Deborah, both of us being musicians when I see her again in the future.

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Youtube: @harpistssovly
Instagram: @harpist._.ss0vly

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