Lightning in your coffee?

I had a radio interview yesterday morning on WPAZ, Pennsylvania’s  tiniest radio station (“with the biggest heart!”). The station had been struck by lightning the night before so they had to create an alternate tech set-up for my phone interview (see  below).  You can listen to that interview here:


I love the mic placement  at the speakerphone, and especially love that even though I wasn’t there … they still provided morning coffee.

Hey, it ain’t called “The Morning Show” for nothin’!

Radio host Betsy Chapman will also be hosting my “Fireworks for the Creative Spirit” workshop on Tue. Sept. 27 at the Tri-Country Performing Arts Center.  There are a couple of spots left as of this writing.  Here’s where you can get more info about the workshop is and how to register.

DHC & Betsy Chapman on live radio

It's nice to know that even if you phone it in, you still get coffee

RELATED POST:  Betsy sent me questions ahead-of-time (most of which she didn’t ask in the interview) but I experimented with writing out the answers in advance.  You can see the first question “Why the Harp?” here.

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3 Responses to Lightning in your coffee?

  1. Fun interview … but too short! I wanted to hear more about your principle of “being bad in order to be good.” This is something I’ve been thinking (and blogging) about.

    There’s a great quote from Ira Glass on this topic; I put in on my blog because it describes the dilemma so perfectly. He says most people who get into creative work do it because they have “good taste,” but having good taste is painful during that beginning phase where the work continually falls short of the artist’s aspirations. He says a lot of people never get past that stage because they quit in frustration, thinking they’ll never “arrive.” He’s right. I’ve seen it happen, and I don’t want it to happen to me!

    Ira’s advice is to hang in there and keep on working. You said it takes “tolerance” to go through the phase of being bad. I get that, and I’m willing to work toward my creative goals … but there are still days when tolerance takes a holiday and I want to toss my sheet music to the cat for shredding! 😉

    So, I’d like to know … what encouraged YOU to keep your head up when YOU were going through this phase? Any advice on staying inspired?

    • HipHarp says:

      Wow … sometimes I think I’m always going through this phase! But I’d love to write about that. I’ll try to do that at some point on this tour when I have some time. And I’ll go take a look at your blog, too!

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