Easter Rabbits & Eggs (A Short History)

I just discovered this visual history I made of Easter Rabbits & Eggs I made in March of 2000.  Happy Easter … Passover … and welcome to Spring!

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10 Responses to Easter Rabbits & Eggs (A Short History)

  1. Kay Lister says:


    You should write childrens books – in your SPARE time.


  2. Rebecca says:

    Love the cartoon! Just a reminder here from a house rabbit owner that this is the time of year people mistake baby rabbits for Easter toys. They are very delicate prey animals who need to be kept indoors, fed special hay and given a large exercise pen. They can not be released into the wild when you get bored with them and make very poor pets for young children. They live 8 to 13 years so they are a major commitment. Adult rabbits have very different personalities from babies. They have a strong flight or fight reflex and panic easily which can cause scratches to kids who mishandle them. If you aren’t sure you can provide a safe and loving forever home for a rabbits…Stick to the EGGS this Easter. Have a good one from me and my bunnies, Steve and Cricket.

    • HipHarp says:

      Thank you, Rebecca! This is very handy advice, and wonderful information about rabbits as pets. You have convinced me to stick to cartoon rabbits which make excellent pets, stay young (or old) forever (depending on how they’re drawn and whether or not you have a good eraser) and do not need to eat, or have their pens cleaned.

      Thank you!


  3. SwissMousie says:

    Oh wow! I second that advice! You should certainly author children’s books! I noticed when watching one of yoru dvd’s that you have the rarea ability to connect to an audience of both children and adults. It’s a good idea.

  4. Megan says:

    Bravo! Love it!! New York Times Magazine material—

  5. I love this! The egg in heels puts it over the top…

    • HipHarp says:

      Wait … don’t ALL eggs wear heels when they go out? Or is that why my eggs are always breaking?? Thanks for the comment!

  6. mary schmidt says:

    Very “Hip Hop” dancing….you could have drawn yourself playing the harp to join in!! 🙂

  7. Linda Hill says:

    Very clever! You are so creative!

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