If you DON’T play the harp – don’t read this. IF YOU DO play harp – and you want to claim your creative freedom and get the skills and inspiration you need … read it all!

I’m a composer, performer and mentor — as a mentor I’ve created a yearlong Academy just for harp players where I teach the skills & principles that I have personally learned in my life: the skills of creative expression, improvisation, performance and impromptu arranging.

My foundational arranging class is called Hip Harp Toolkit and it starts YESTERDAY (OK, last week).  More importantly, registration CLOSES tonight at midnight! So I want to share a few of the stories from musicians who’ve already taken the plunge and commit to their creative expression in the Academy.

Meet Chris, Jill, Pamela, Andrea, Blythe, Anita Annette and Rachel …

Read on to hear why they jumped off the fence and committed to their own creative expression through this program:

“Exploring the full curriculum of this Academy has me overwhelmed with joy. This is the ultimate all time greatest learning tool for people who love to play the harp and a dream come true for me personally you have no idea…it’s remarkable… I see how much work you put into creating this, every detail, it’s a stunning work on it’s own Deborah, Bravo!! 

Most heartfelt and sincere thanks…you have created an index of possibilities that will add to the good will of the collective consciousness of this world (and others) through the wonderful healing vibration of so many more harp players all over the world knowing how to express themselves…(Chris)

“I was hesitant to join but DHC has turned my harp playing around! I am classically trained, but DHC has brought me to MY music, to freedom and to FUN ” (Jill)

“I can use this creatively with my entire repertoire”. (Pamela)

“I love how Deborah’s classes teach us not only about music, but how it applies to life!” (Anita)

“My sheet music has always been my safety net, and I couldn’t imagine myself to perform anything by memory. But when you broke it down into small pieces, it all felt so simple. I felt so safe. Thank you so much for making me do something that I thought was impossible.” (Annette)

“I learned to free myself from playing from notes and turn to improvising, and that is something I was quite skeptical about before – and now it is great for me.” (Andrea)

“If I had only read about this course, I would have thought ‘I would love to take that some day when I’m good enough!’ . . . I’m so glad I took it now!

At the beginning Deborah asked us what our personal goals were for the course. I said I wanted to have a “sense of play” with the harp. This has been the perfect course for me!“ (Rachel)

“This was the single most important musical course I have ever done in years of learning harp, and I would recommend it to anyone at any musical level. To begin with, the course was absolutely jam-packed with incredible information, from beginning to end.

I had been searching for this information for years, going from teacher to teacher, but with this one course, Deborah gave me all the tools I needed for arranging music. (Blythe)

These are just a few of the reasons why creative harpists like YOU decided to join.

Do these resonate with you, too?

If you’ve been putting off investing yourself in your creative expression – in finding and expressing yourSELF with your instrument, then it’s time to enroll in Hip Harp Toolkit, and liberate yourself from the notes on the page!


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