Do you ever wish you could DISTILL a huge amount of knowledge and simplify it down to just what’s essential?  Do you wish you could reduce everything in your house, your backpack, your closets, your drawers, your bathroom, your kitchen — maybe even your body,  down to only the things you love the most?

Do you wish you could eat only the foods that give you the most pleasure, DO only the things that feel most YOU?.

Maybe some of you actually do live a life like that.  I’m always working towards it.  Always thinking about distilling ideas, structures – my instrument even – down to the most essential, the most full of character, the richest expression of what what they are – what speaks to me the most clearly, what reflects my values, my humor, my sense of what it means to be human.

You wouldn’t think it, to look at my house, which is filled with projects, and pictures, and binders of the many ideas and projects that fill my mind.

But I’m always thinking about deconstruction, distilling – searching for the essence — the essential experience.

Essential DHC

So when I decided last summer to start going through the nearly two dozen albums I’ve created over the past 25 years – including some unreleased tracks –  to distill them into ONE 2-CD Set – I was searching to distill years of recording down to the “Essential DHC.”

I chosed 32 cuts: 16 instrumentals, and 16 vocals.  I chose two images that distill my experience on stage, both captured from live perforamnces: one that distills my experience as an instrumentalist, and one as a songwriter and vocalist, and I chose the cuts from each album that feel like they express something essentially ‘me.’

I called the 2-CD set:  the “Essential DHC” collection – and it will be officially released at my Sat. Feb. 3rd show at The Center for Arts in Natick, MA (TCAN) a wonderful, intimate concert hall in this beautifully renovated old Firehouse (BUY TIX NOW!).

The “Essential DHC” celebration travels from the Boston-area down to Virginia in March, where I’m be performing for the first time at another one of the great listening rooms on the East Coast: the TinPan, in Richmond, VA on  Fri. Mar. 2nd (BUY TIX NOW!)  and then it’s off to Tacoma, WA to perform with the Symphony Tacoma on Sun. April 22nd! More info about Symphony Tix coming soon!


Buy tix to any of these shows and get a FREE Download of my NEW 2-CD Set “Essential DHC” – See more about this special HERE!


I hope I see you at one of those shows, where you’ll be able to get the first official copies of the “Essential DHC” collection – but RIGHT NOW — the only way to get this 32-Track, 2-Volume “Essential DHC” Collections is via digital download — you can BUY IT NOW HERE.



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