You know those old audio-tapes that claim they can teach you a new language in your sleep?  That kind of learning is called hypnopedia and, according to Wikipedia, nobody knows whether it works or not.

What I DO know as a performing musician and a musical trainer, is that when you relax, have fun and play something over and over again in an engaging physical environment, it gets into your system, it becomes part of your internal language – and you can start to SPEAK with it musically.

That’s the idea behind my “Blues for Meditation” free play-along webinar .  I’ve created a Blues that you can play-along with on any harp (lever, pedal, 10-string, 47-string) — just so long as you can get it into the key of C.


Registration includes a replay link if you can’t attend live

In fact – you can play along on any instrument – guitar, keyboard, flute, harmonica – even toy piano, recorder or noseflute – as long as you can play a C scale.  Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, if you have a keyboard and you can tell the white keys from the black keys, you can play along.

I’ll be playing LIVE on the other end of cyber-connection –  as I guide you through the meditation – you AND your instrument. I’ll give you some simple guidelines and even a set of notes to experiment with – and you’ll play along at your own technical level.

After that, it’s about experiential learning.  The kind of learning that gets into every part of you – your mind and your body.

The Blues ethic is built on a very simple musical structure — and it also has a tradition of extreme virtuosity – so there’s a place for everyone along the musical spectrum — from amateur beginners to high-level professionals. And in an ONLINE PLAY-ALONG, nobody can hear you. So you can play along to your heart’s content and simply FEEL what you’re doing as the learning fills you.

It’s a learning-meditation for you AND your instrument Click To Tweet

Blues for Meditation is a warm-up webinar for my 6-week “Blues HarpStyle” class –  one of my most popular online programs for harp players. Registration for  “Blues Harp-Style 2018” opens March 31.


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