Who are you known as?

Who are you REALLY?

Why am I asking??

I’m asking because I realized I actually hide the me I most feel I am.

I think most people know me as a ‘harp player.’ And it’s true. I am. But it’s not what’s important to me about me. What’s most important to me about me is something I actually hide — and I THOUGHT I was sharing it.

Sometimes I hide it in plain view – by holding up a harp in front of it. Sometimes I hide it by being vague about it. Sometimes I hide it by posting videos and setting them as unlisted or private. Sometimes I hide it by ONLY sharing it inside the private chat room where I meet weekly with students in my Academy to answer questions. Sometimes I hide by sharing once and then running back into the safety of not-sharing. Sometimes I hide by ‘forgetting’ to share something that’s deeply important to me …. and I can forget to share that for decades.

And now I’m committing to share.

That’s the deal.

And I need you to help hold me to that. Because I’m scared I won’t do it.

Who am I REALLY?

I’m a composer. I tell stories with music.

I tell them on stage, with my instrument. And I write them down for other people to perform.

So this week I’m sharing two things:

1. The amazing life of a single piece of music, “Baroque Flamenco”  in the hands of many people.

2. The new songwriter’s catalog I FINALLY started creating on my website, with songs from my musicals, stories – and a even some I’ve recorded and shared on albums.

Now … who are YOU known as? And who are YOU really?

This is something I really want to know. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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