I create warm-up webinars for the members of the “Strings of Passion” program – but YOU get to watch them for a few more days until I hide them away in the “Strings of Passion” classroom next week:

  1. Introduction to Strings of Passion – Learn the 7 core principles of creative expression in Strings of Passion
  2. Inside the Creativity Gym – Gett a peek at the basic workouts in the Creativity Gym at StringsofPassion.com and learn how they work to expand your own creativity. Discover the power of a creativity practice – even if it’s as short as  11 minutes a day – and what you can do in that 11 minutes to enrich your own creative resonance
  3. Meet Your Muse –  In this New Year’s Day session I explain the basic concept of the strings of passion, go through the 7 strings quickly and then take you through a guided creative meditation to YOUR muse — so you will hear the first words your muse says to you in 2017.

Are YOU in Strings of Passion?
A 10-Week Program at ‘Hip Harp Academy’
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Deadline:  Midnight Tue. Jan. 17 EST

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