Who are the harp players that sign up for “Strings of Passion”?

What kinds of results do they have?

Have you been wondering… Is “Strings of Passion” the right class for someone like me? What am I going to get out of working with Deborah Henson-Conant and Hip Harp Academy? What kind of difference will it make for me?

And, (I hate this one…) am I even good enough at playing the harp for this investment – of time and money – to be worth it…?

What’s totally crazy is, harpists of ALL level ask those questions before joining.  I’d like to introduce you to some of the amazing students from diverse backgrounds & training, who join the Academy – and let THEM tell you about the kinds of results they experience:

So many students have experienced incredible results in Academy Classes, starting with “Strings of Passion.”

“When I started this venture, I didn’t know how to improvise to save my soul. I was convinced I couldn’t do it, I was convinced I couldn’t do an arrangement even though I could read music – and then I joined the Academy – and all that changed”Sally Walstrum


“The total amount of music theory and musicianship I have learned from you in the past two years is mind blowing, and perhaps greater than the total of everything else that preceded it. Not to mention the personal creative growth, etc. Kathy King (Harpist, Singer & Reiki Master)

“I only started playing harp when I retired so it’s been brand new for me and I went into the Academy about five years ago. I started out trying to obey all the rules as if I were taking a college course and then … Margi Miller

“The last 2 years of being involved with HipHarp Academy have been such a blessing! The Tool Kit and Strings of Passion were my favorites…the warm ups are so manageable for my fledgling efforts! When you start playing the harp at 68, after retiring, it’s easy to be brutal with oneself!Your reminders to not expect perfection and be kind and forgiving were greatly appreciated! ” – Suzy Baggett

“You are an inspiring, outstanding, and exceptional teacher and I am thankful each day to be a student in the academy, it’s moving my playing forward and giving me an international harp tribe, thank you!” – Sharon

“Deborah, thank you for inspiring me to give myself permission to become a more empowered ME on the harp!”Maryanne

“You make me feel that the sky is the limit and that everything is possible.”CSJ

“The enthusiasm and camaraderie of those who are already your students makes it clear that working with you is a SAFE place to be open and vulnerable AND it’s the perfect opportunity to join the Really Cool Kids. Hell, it made ME want play harp!” – Nikki Jackson (Artist)

Now I feel more confident about making my IHTP application recordings. You are the cure for performance anxiety!” – Laura

“I love how you keep it real and think out of the box all at the same time, and I love both the fun and profound sides of what you express and explore.” – TM

“Freedom from paper!” Kathleen

“It is such a treat to have a teacher who has done great things herself and can come back to earth long enough to share it.” – SJJ

“Your enthusiasm is totally contagious!!!” – Anne

I’ve been reading music since I was 7 years old. but never made connections like you’re having us do. It’s like taking french in high school and being able to read the words but not understanding what you’re saying. You’re helping me understand what I’m playing – and that’s what’s been missing for me.

So let me ask you… what has been MISSING that would make THE DIFFERENCE for you – not just in your harp playing, but in your life?


Freedom to express yourself fully?


A supportive creative community – a safe place to let go of “doing it right” all the time?


A mentor who truly sees you – and is deeply touched, moved, and inspired by everything that you are?



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