Crisis creates connection.

It’s true.

When I was a kid I was in a major earthquake. Folks who’d lived through World War II thought we were being bombed – that’s what it was like. I’ll never forget how open people were the day or two afterwards and the beauty of the connection between us.

Covid-19 is a very real presence in Massachusetts, right now where I live – as it is in many other places. We’re not in lock-down here, but we’re all looking for ways to create more of the connection we deeply need with less travel and physical contact.

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Connection lives in One Song. Find out how here.

I woke up last week and realized that kind of connection is exactly WHY I built an online Academy.

I know that going deep into ONE SONG creates a connection beyond any other musical experience and the one song that opens itself most deeply to me is the song “The Nightingale.”

With hundreds of covers of it on YouTube, it’s the most popular song I’ve ever written. But playing the sheet music is completely different from ‘being one’ with the song. If that sounds woo-woo … it’s what every composer does. And it’s what I love showing people how to do.

So I’m creating a brand new class: “One Song: The Nightingale.” If you play the harp, learn about it here. I’m literally building the class now!

Connection lives in Family

Our family matriarch’s in LA – but family members can’t get there now. My cousin and I were bemoaning that when I had a brainstorm: “Why not a virtual Family Confab? I do LIVE virtual webinars and masterclasses with 20-150 people each time. Why couldn’t our WHOLE FAMILY meet in my online coaching studio??”

So thanks to my online coaching and my cousin Claire’s masterful executive scheduling we’ve created the FIRST VIRTUAL BenHenCon ShaHodLam Family Confab! (The name comes from the first 3 letters of each family-last-name. My cousin Nancy said it sounded like a Hebrew prayer. I said it sounded more like a shaggy hoodlum.)

Deep Virtual Connection – in new ways

What’s important is that we’re creating VIRTUAL CONGREGATION – a new level of connection we wouldn’t have even thought of without the crisis of cancelled flights and health anxieties

Oh yeah … and what about Anxiety??

Oh yeah … there’s that … anxiety. Take a look at the latest video from my “Jung at Harp” series. It’s all about how to deal with anxiety – from the two lenses of creative expression and the work of ground-breaking psycho-analyst Carl Jung. My takeaway from the conversation? It’s this:

Only 10% of the anxiety we feel at any moment comes from what’s happening now. The rest we bring with us from the past.

So, may this time bring you more connection with the people and the things you love in new ways you never thought of before. I hope I can be part of that connection.

If you play the harp, check out the Academy Classes – especially the new “One Song” project — get on the “First to Know” list and stay tuned for new classes, and new ways to connect, new ways to turn crisis into connection.

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Let’s connect soon!

In Between the Music” and the “Jung at Harp Series” presents

NEW! ON YouTube: How to Deal with Anxiety

“Jung at Harp” is a YouTube series of conversations about Creativity and the Psyche through the lens of two sets of concepts: the “Strings of Passion” I’ve developed in my own work (Impulse, Structure, Character, Roles, Practice, Deconstruction & Lift-Off) and the teachings of psychoanalyst Carl Jung – with me, Deborah Henson-Conant, and Jungian analyst Kathleen Wiley.


One-Song Experience: The Nightingale

A new learning experience to go DEEP into one song to discover its infinite possibilities. In this first class, the “One Song” journey is with my most popular for harp players:

“The Nightingale”


Performances will be virtual for awhile — so stay tuned for the next virtual event or learn more about in-studio Salon Concerts.


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Robbin Gordon-Cartier, performer and harp instructor at the Cicely L. Tyson School of Performing and Fine Arts just shared her experience of performing my “Baroque Flamenco” concerto last year with her students. Read about it here.

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