My world  changed in a single moment.

I’m a composer and performer. I play the electric harp and I was a performing as a soloist at the “Picnic Pops” with the Grand Rapids Symphony in Michigan. After the show a man walked up to me and said,

“What I saw out there on the stage, I want the whole world to see.”

That man was Peter Wege and together we created a DVD & CD that won a Grammy Nomination for best Classical Crossover album, a video that aired on PBS stations all across the U.S.  But that was short-lived. As DVDs and CDs gave way to streaming, the project became hidden – and Peter’s dream of sharing this with the whole world was fading …. until now.  

Now – 15 years later – finally the whole world CAN see it … but only for a limited time 

Thanks to the American Federation of Musicians, we can show this video FREE to the world for a short time as a fundraiser for The Grand Rapids symphony.  Join us FREE, then give what you can — and share the joy of what one symphony can do with one irrepressible soloist – when the power of philanthropy creates magic. 

Join us July 10th for the Streaming Premiere of “Invention & Alchemy”

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You’ll get into the viewing room, you’ll get access to behind-the-scenes videos, PLUS invitations to all the special virtual events that are part of this worldwide streaming premiere of “Invention & Alchemy” – and you’ll be able to donate whatever you can to help keep the music alive.

Streaming access to this video will only last a short time and I’d LOVE you to be there with me on the night it premieres.

Join Us to Keep the Music Alive!

Join us to keep the music alive during this time when orchestras and audiences cannot connect live in concert halls.


For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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