My brand new “Baroque Flamenco” 5-Day Challenge is THIS WEEK. After just one day,  the feedback is blowing my mind – and this is just the beginning!

If you haven’t signed up, DO IT NOW.

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Hip Harp Academy

Enrollment ends Midnight SEPT. 27tth

Fall Session starts with the Hip Harp "TOOLKIT" Class

This powerful 5-day training is FREE – but only ’til the end of this week – and here’s what people are saying after just Day ONE!

“Fantastic ideas for improvisations with simple harmonic patterns and it is really fun to do!” ~ Wanyu Chen

“I’m so impressed at how quickly I can learn this (at my level). I never would have thought I could attempt this piece as a ‘fledgling’ harpist” ~ Ellen Duncan

“My big challenge and takeaway is: leave the sheet music and just play!” ~ Hannah de Vos-Beckers



There are already over 500 harpists in this challenge. All that’s missing is YOU!

I made the 5-Day “Baroque Flamenco” CHALLENGE so any harp player – can learn to play the essence of this piece – by using a “Blueprint” instead of complex written music -and breaking it all down step-by-step in a short 15-minute video each day.


“Within just a couple of minutes (to my own amazement) I was switching from blue circles to purple squares and back… and now I can’t wait to find out where this adventure is taking me next.” ~ Jessica Wirthig

“I was shocked how simple it was to make basic chords sound like flamenco music!” ~ Jennifer McArdle

“My takeaway? I’m playing the harp again after a year(!!!) and I’m really-really enjoying experimenting around and playing with you – and this all with only 4 chords and a Mexican rhythm.” ~ Diána Emese Gál

My biggest takeaway: Improvisation doesn’t have to be hard!” ~ Joyce Douglas


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