Composer’s Spotlight Series: Award-winning Prodigy Evelin Greblo performs ‘Baroque Flamenco’ with the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra

In this new interview, 11-year-old harpist Evelin Greblo shared her experience playing the fiery concerto, ‘Baroque Flamenco’. Having played it with four different orchestras, Evelin describes the piece as “perfect,” thanks to its rhythm and percussive use of the soundboard. 

Evelin won multiple awards and performed in front of large crowds – including at a Placido Domingo concert – thanks to this powerful piece

She encourages others to learn this captivating piece and notes that working directly with the composer could provide insight into how to play with the intended emotion. 

Overall, ‘Baroque Flamenco’ offers a thrilling addition to any music repertoire, full of excitement and skillful technique.

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Evelin Greblo

Evelin started her musical career with the piano, with Prof. Blaž Pucihar. Her heart’s desire was to play the harp in addition to the piano. She started with the teacher Lara Pelikan, and after the opening of the department in Mengeš, she continued under the mentorship of Prof. Urške Križnik Zupan, but now Italian professor Patrizia Tassini is her teacher.

Despite the fact that she is only 11 years old, she has already achieved quite a few high-profile results and awards. In 2021, she won the TEMSIG competition, scored all 100 points, and received a special award for a promising young harpist. She also won the International Idrijska čipka competition. She also received three gold plaques at competitions in theoretical knowledge and creativity. She received an award from the Municipality of Mengeš for a promising young harpist. In June 2022, she auditioned for the international music competition Virtuosos in 4+ and represented Slovenia in Budapest. She was the youngest competitor of the season. In the finale of the show, she won a special award from Maestro Placido Domingo.

She played with the Budafok Dohnanyi Orchestra, under the direction of conductor Gabor Hollerung. In March, she performed at Maestro Placido Domingo’s concert at the MVM Dome, in Budapest, in front of a crowd of 7,000 people. In March, she also performed with the Hungarian Radio Symphonic Orchestra at the Liszt Academy of Music, under the direction of conductor Janos Kovacs. In the same month, she took part in an international harpist competition, where she also received a gold plaque.

Continue reading below for the full interview with Evelin Greblo

Here’s Evelin Greblo, performing ‘Baroque Flamenco’, with the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra on March 7, 2023, at the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest.

A Mini-Interview with Evelin

How would you describe your experience of playing the piece?

Playing Baroque Flamenco with an orchestra was like fire to me. I can´t describe my feelings. I was practically jumping on the chair, but at that time I didn´t realize that.

What do people say when you play this piece? Do you have favorite memories of people’s reactions to it?

People were enthusiastic. I played that piece with 4 different orchestras and I enjoyed every single moment.

What drew you to this piece – why did you choose to learn it?

I chose this piece because it is the most beautiful piece. I really like the rhythm, the use of a board, everything. It is perfect!

What does this piece add to your repertoire (and/or your life) that you didn’t have before?

With this piece, I arrived at the finale (I was the youngest contestant) so it is really important for me.

What would you tell someone else who’s thinking of learning this piece that you wish you’d known before you learned it?

Just learn it, it is perfect.

What do you think you can get from working directly with the composer of the piece that you can’t get from the sheet music?

It is easier to play if you understand the composer and what was she thinking when she wrote the song.

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Youtube: @evelin6224
Instagram: @evelingreblo
Facebook: Evelin Greblo
TikTok: @evelingreblo

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