As the new year begins, I want to share my vision for 2024 – to share a life of creativity and innovation with you in every way. And that’s why, I invite YOU to join me for the 5-Day Vision-to-Action Challenge – Jan. 15 – 20 – and to invite your friends.

Yes, YOU – whether you’re a musician committed to greater self-expression, a creative in searching for new ways to get unstuck – or anyone longing to be more creative in your life. And that’s just the beginning – here’s how it all works:

In the “Meet Your Muse” FREE online workshop, I take you through a guided meditation to meet YOUR Creative Impulse – the heart of YOUR unique inspiration – the place we start the journey from.

In the free Vision-to-Action Challenge,” I open the secret doorway of improvised music to EVERYONE so I can give YOU a taste of what a life of creative exploration in music has given me.

In the 10-Week “Creative Resonance Project” I give you the keys to my creative Inner World: the 7 Strings of Passion, the fundamental principles that take any creative impulse to full creative expression.

And in the LIVE in PERSON Boston-Area concert – Sat. Feb. 10 we celebrate creativity itself in a live show of original stories and music about finding the romance of your life – exactly as you are. Right now.

Read about each of these events I have for you and follow the links to learn more and join.

The FREE 5-DAY Creativity Challenge:

“VISION-to-ACTION” – Jan. 15 – 20, 2024

In this FREE 5-Day Vision-to-Action Challenge, you’ll learn to think outside the box, by first learning to CREATE a box – a container for self-expression – and then learning the fundamental tools of creativity that you can use with any kind of box – real or imagined!

This challenge also includes the “Meet Your Muse” Vision Workshop and the BONUS mini-class “Creating Conducive Conditions” – to help you set up your life for more creativity in EVERYTHING you do. Join now and get right into the Bonus mini-class!

For years this creativity challenge was incubated inside the secret world of the harp. And now – for the FIRST time – it’s open to EVERYONEmusicians, non-musicians, and anyone who longs to expand their creativity!

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FREE Creative VISION Workshop:

“Meet Your Muse” – 90-min Workshop

SUN. Jan. 14 – 3:30 PM ET

Kickstart your year of creativity by opening up your heart and mind to see where you most want to grow creatively this year.

Join me Sunday, Jan. 14 – 3:30 PM ET to learn:

  • How to go on a guided meditation to the heart of your personal muse – a meditation you can play along with
  • 7 powerful principles of “Creative Resonance” that bring your Muse into everything you do
  • How to live your most creative life starting in 2024

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Sat. Feb. 10, 2024 – 8pm at “TCAN”

Do you spend your life wondering if things are real or if they’ve been created by AI? Come experience the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of AI: reality, beauty, passion, creative expression. It’s all REALLY there, REAL on the stage — and inspiring YOU to a life of YOUR REALized Creativity.

One woman – one instrument – creates a world. What happens when you see one person exploring all the creative possibilities of a single instrument? You begin to remember your OWN creative possibility.

Tix are going fast! Buy your Tix now! from The Center for Arts in Natick, MA


Creative Resonance Project: Starts Jan. 22, 2024

What would you do if you had more creativity in your life?

In this 10-Week online program I guide you through the “Strings of Passion,” the seven fundamental principles that transform Creative Impulse to Creative Expression. Now for EVERYONE – musicians & non-musicians, creatives, and anyone longing for more creativity in your life.

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For virtual events, speaking, residencies, or performances:


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