2018-Work With Me

There are three primary ways you can work with me: as a Performer, a Composer or a Coach & Mentor (more below)

Link to the following pages for more on how to work with me as a:


On this page you can learn more about how to:

  • Book me as a performer (with symphony, ensemble or solo)
  • Book a residency that includes teaching & performing
  • Book a lecture ‘From the Harp’
  • Collaborate with me on a project



On this page you can learn more about how to:

  • Get a mechanical license to RECORD one of my pieces
  • Get a SYNC LICENSE to put one of my recordings (or compositions) in a video
  • License ORCHESTRAL SCORES and parts for performance
  • Perform one of my musicals or plays
  • Perform a solo composition or put it on YouTube
  • Commission a work, sponsor the reading of a musical or invest in my sponsorship concert program to sponsor the publication of a concert work.


On this page you can learn more about how to:

  • Take my online courses for harpists
  • Join my “Harness Your Muse” Mentorship program
  • Sign up for Megalessons when I’m on tour
  • Sponsor a workshop if I’m traveling to your area


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