Recently, many people have ben asking me how the Academy actually works: What are the nuts and bolts of how the classes work, what are the live events: Catch-up Coaching, Office Hours and weekly Masterclass-Chats. Are they all recorded?  How much time will I spend each week?

So I excerpted this small section from a recent webinar about the nuts and bolts. 


Full Transcript of the Video (above)

Hello! This is an excerpt from a webinar about HipHarp Academy, the home of creativity, confidence, and connection for harp players from fledgling to professional. All right, so there’s three elements, and some people use all of them, some people just use some of them.

So there’s the coaching, the classes, and the community. The coaching. Oh, okay. Oh, nice. So the coaching, there’s weekly live coaching plus replays. So what do we mean by coaching? It means that as opposed to a teacher where I’m training you, go from A to B to C to D, I’m teaching you snippets, but we’re also using the work that people is working on to help you learn.

So people will present videos of their own work. I’ll take you to take a look at that in a second. But we’re using both the snippets and the homework or projects that others are doing to learn from them.

It’s hard to explain, but I’ll explain it more in a minute. So there’s live training and master classes. Every week there’s four times that you can meet live, twice on Monday, actually five, three times on Monday in live trainings, once on Thursday or Friday with the office hour, and once a week on catch up and coaching.

So this will be a large class, you know, 30 to 45 people. This will usually be five to 18 people, and so will this. And there’s no agenda here. You come with your questions, and I just answer your questions or Sally does any kind of coaching to catch up coach on anything you need to know.

So you can see them here. There’s a time, 90 minutes in this time of day, 90 minutes this time of day, so that we can be accessible to people. who are in Australia, New Zealand, as well as being in the U .S.

and Europe. And then this is a 30 -minute session that’s a little bit more open where people choose a practice. They can choose anything, but the point is when you do that practice to let it get to you, then you start sharing what happens.

And it’s a really wonderful little class. On Wednesdays, every two months, there’s an elite chat. Elite is for people who’ve been in the academy for more than one year. On Thursdays, we have this time around 4 .30 p .m., where we either have techie tidbits or harp time live or sometimes the book club.

And then ketchup coaching and office hours, they trade back and forth so that people in different time zones can get to either one of these. Homework. If you see it’s in quotes homework or coaching or something you want to share and get feedback on is due by Sunday midnight So that we can have it prepared and ready to work on on Monday So that’s the live part then there’s the classes the classes are already pre -recorded Some people never do the classes.

They just come to the coaching some people only do the classes and never do the coaching It doesn’t matter how you do it There’s a bunch of classes. I’d say I don’t even know how many there are now There’s more than you could possibly do in a year and we pick one or two to focus on each quarter This quarter will focus on Baroque flamenco beyond the page Where we’re going to go in and look at it even more deeply But there are if you if you’re like wait a minute.

I’ve already done that you have other options This one is actually well. This one’s always great This one’s great, and this summer harp jam is it has a lot of similar elements so so anyway There’s classes you can take them individually you’ve got sing -and -play harp Lead sheets learning harmony learning the Nightingale jazz There’s all these different classes, and we sometimes we get to them all in a year and sometimes we don’t okay We never get to them all in a year Inside the classes you’ve got a video that you can watch you can download the audio of that if you want to have it on Your own computer you can speed up and slow down with these little gears here, so you’ve got videos audio and PDFs There’s PDFs.

There’s also PDFs with music on it these don’t happen to have music on it These are just framework for accomplishment or clarify your vision. This is a special workshop. This is how developing your Well, this is a workshop that’s specifically for one class to kind of Give you structure as you go through the class like I want to learn this and I’m gonna learn this I don’t want to learn this it’s like a little menu for learning And then there are soundscapes that you can download, that you can play along with.

So it’s a living, playing experience, and to help you live it, the community, which is really huge, powerful, deeply important part of this experience. It really would not be the HipHarp Academy, if not for the community.

So you are not alone. You’re never alone, unless you want to be. I mean, so, and you’ve got your heart buddy. Your heart buddy is the first person you share your ideas with, someone who keeps you on track, the person you share the journey with.

You can have the same heart buddy throughout, you know, your whole journey. You can switch heart buddies every quarter. If you don’t have a heart buddy, Tammy will help you get a heart buddy. So it’s just great to have one person to do that with.

And those are the three elements that make the Academy so powerful. The coaching. classes and the community. So if, let’s see if we can go back, if you wanted, if you wanted to look at your week, I find it really helpful to like gauge my week out.

You would not come to both master classes you choose, well you can, but you don’t have to. If you have very limited time, you might want to come to one master class, you might want to spend as much time as you could developing your, taking one of the classes, but you don’t have to.

You can also choose if there’s a specific project or something you want to learn, you can just focus on that, you can share a video of it and get coaching on it and then move it forward in that way. Like if you, if you’re like, wait a minute, I only have this many hours each week and I’m not even going to, I’m not even going to submit homework.

I’m just, I just want to take what, I just want to take something that’s going to open me up. You could come to one master class and you wouldn’t even have to come to the whole thing and then when you have time, you could jump into replays and you could, you might also, or you might choose to come to an office hour instead so you could get one -on -one coaching.

Alright, so does that give you a sense? I’m actually in a program right now that’s, it’s really intense in terms of time and so I find, I found it very helpful to like put it on my calendar. This is when I do this, this is when I do this, this is when I do that and that helped me to be able to do the rest of my life at the same time.


This video excerpt is about the Hip Harp Academy, a virtual learning experience that offers coaching, classes, and a community for harp players of all levels. The coaching includes weekly live sessions, masterclasses, office hours, and catch-up coaching. The classes are pre-recorded and cover various topics like Baroque Flamenco and many more. The community aspect provides a supportive network with harp buddies and opportunities for sharing and feedback. The Academy aims to inspire creativity, confidence, and connection among its members.


The coaching element of the HipHarp Academy includes weekly live coaching sessions, masterclasses, office hours, and catch-up coaching. The live coaching sessions are divided into different time slots to accommodate participants from various time zones. The sessions involve presenting and receiving feedback on participants’ work, as well as learning from snippets and homework assignments. The masterclasses are larger group sessions, while the office hours and catch-up coaching are smaller and more personalized.


The Academy offers a range of pre-recorded classes covering various topics such as Baroque Flamenco, jazz, and beyond. Academy members focus on one or two classes each quarter, but they can explore other options based on their interests and needs. The classes include videos, audio files, PDFs, and supplementary materials like soundscapes to enhance the learning experience.


The community aspect of the HipHarp Academy is a powerful and deeply important part of the experience. Participants are paired with harp buddies, who serve as support partners and accountability partners throughout their journey. The community provides a sense of connection and ensures that participants are never alone in their learning process.


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By offering a community-driven and inclusive platform for harpists at every stage, the Hip Harp Academy continues to pave the way for musical growth, self-expression, and meaningful connections.

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