Concert Stage Shots, Close-ups with the Harp Ensemble, Unforgettable Photos, Snaps with Young Harpists, and more!

Last weekend, I traveled to another fantastic city in Europe – Namur, Belgium – to be a part of the Harp Spring Days. On Sunday, April 28th, I led a harp workshop talking about two of my compositions, and after that, I performed at the festival concert stage.

It’s another busy weekend – and I’d like to take you with me in this adventure.

Concert Stage Shots …

Leading the harp ensemble for the “Harp Spring Days” concert is truly invigorating.

Special thanks to Anaëlle Ziadi for sharing these wonderful photos.

Thank you Emilia Dimitrova for sharing this video.

This is me on Harp Spring Days where I led 60 harpists to play and the audience sang along. Thank you Jehanne Piret for sharing this photo captured by Marc Van Craesbeeck.

Close-ups with the Harp Ensemble …

This is how I look from the point of view of a hap ensemble member. See if you can find me in this majestic sea of harps!

I’m the one in black right in the middle. Huge thanks to whoever captured this moment during our rehearsals!

This is me with the whole harp ensemble! It’s so fulfilling to create a piece of music and play it with others. 

Unforgettable Photos …

With Heleen Vandeputte. She’s a vital part of The Legacy Project Team, and we collaborated virtually on harp arrangements and class resources. No more virtual hugs, now we’re hugging in person!

Love this photo uf us, Maria Palatine! Thank you for sharing this.

Snaps with Young Harpists …

Delighted to witness the enthusiasm showed by these young harpists to learn the harp and enjoy our performance at the festival. Also thankful to their parents and guardians for supporting them!

… and more!

I still have upcoming events and performances here in Europe and back in the States.

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