Composer’s Spotlight Series: Lisa Tannebaum plays “Baroque Flamenco” at Music in the Woods Studio

In this interview, Lisa said that playing Baroque Flamenco made her a fiery passionate dancer. She likes Baroque Flamenco because she wants an emotional piece that speaks to her audience. She is also happy to showcase her harp and her passion and she can do that while playing this piece.

Lisa Tannebaum

Based in Connecticut, Lisa Tannebaum freelances, and teaches. As president of the non-profit, Music In The Woods, Lisa performs private concerts to donors, raising funds for music educational programs in Fairfield County. Internationally, Lisa is on staff at Cap Ferret Music Festival in France where she teaches and concertizes. As artist in residence with the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra, Lisa teaches seminars, masterclasses and gives concerts in Il.

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Watch Lisa Tannebaum play “Baroque Flamenco” at Music in the Woods Studio.

A Mini-Interview with Lisa

How would you describe your experience of playing the piece?

I become a passionate, fiery dancer.

What do people say when you play this piece? Do you have favorite memories of people’s reactions to it?

People can’t believe what can be played on the harp. They feel like they are dancing. Everyone says that it is their favorite piece on the program.

What drew you to this piece – why did you choose to learn it?

I wanted an emotional encore that speaks to the audience.

What does this piece add to your repertoire (and/or your life) that you didn’t have before?

It gives me the opportunity to showcase the harp and my passion. Fingering fits in my hand very easily because it is well written for the harp.

What would you tell someone else who’s thinking of learning this piece that you wish you’d known before you learned it?

Cover your cuticles and nails with a nail hardener.

What do you think you can get from working directly with the composer of the piece that you can’t get from the sheet music?

She can give me technical advice to play the piece smoother and better. I always look forward to learning new things.

Anything else you want to say?

Many times I get a standing ovation when I perform this piece. It is a favorite.

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Instagram: @lisatannebaum
Facebook: Lisa Tannebaum

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