The Golden Cage

A New Mythical Musical by Deborah Henson-Conant

Brought to you by CreateTheater Monday Developmental Series
& Streaming Musicals

I have just returned home from my exciting month-long Europe journey and am now preparing to showcase my beloved work. It’s the release of my mythical musical, “The Golden Cage,” for THEATRICAL LICENSING. That means that your local theater – whether it’s on Broadway or on your main street can license The Golden Cage for your own production. And to showcase something that’s close to my heart, I’m borrowing from an artist’s playbook.

Borrowing from the Artist’s Playbook

Imagine you’re a musician who’s finished an album. Hosting an album release party is an exciting way to celebrate new music with your fans, industry peers, and collaborators. It’s an opportunity to invite people to experience this new work and celebrate its existence in the world.

I’m going to do the same with “The Golden Cage.” Just like an artist hosting an album release party, I will be hosting The Golden Cage YouTube premiere with two of my collaborators on this project: Cate Cammarata of CreateTheater who produced the workshop of the piece, and Streaming Musicals who filmed it and is managing the licensing.

Join us Mon. May 20th at 7 PM EDT to see the original New York City workshop production and bring along your favorite theater director, producer or opera company board member and let’s release this new musical onto a thousand stages around the world. My dream is for companies around the world to be performing this piece.

In the YouTube premiere, YOU’LL see the original workshop production that we filmed in New York City in 2022 – the beautiful performances and the creative directing, costumes and sets. 

Your PRODUCER-FRIEND will see what can be done with a small budget, great performers and just a few weeks of rehearsal with this show.

So I invite you to watch and enjoy the film and join us on the adventure of licensing the show so that the next time you see it, it’s LIVE in YOUR local theater.

JOIN US for the NEW YouTube Premiere of


Brought to you by CreateTheater Monday Developmental Series
& Streaming Musicals


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