Last week, Satuday April 20th, I got to lead the largest harp orchestra for the 2024 Dutch Harp Festival. After the event, I took this selfie with the Artistic Director and the visionary behind the Dutch Harp Festival, Remy Van Kesteren.

It’s quite an interesting story that I want to share with you because both Remy and I have our very own TEDx talks about harp. But it’s not just that, in addition to being both about harp, our TEDx talks are more connected than you could imagine. Do you wonder how so? Come take a peek at our videos.

Remy Van Kesteren’s TEDx talk

Watch Remy’s TEDx talk entitled “Inspired by a mysterious French teacher | Remy van Kesteren | TEDxAmsterdam 2014”.

Deborah Henson-Conant’s TEDx talk

Watch my TEDx talk “Reinventing Freedom with Electric Harp | Deborah Henson-Conant | TEDxNatick”.

What’s the link between the stories we shared?

In his talk, Remy told the story of a mysterious French teacher who inspired him in his harp journey and how grateful he was to her. Just who might that teacher be? The lovely and talented Isabelle Moretti.

In my talk, I told the story of my reinventing the harp with the help of Camac Harps and its president Jakez François.

The mysterious French teacher Isabelle Moretti and the Camac Harps president Jakez François are a couple who are both important figures in the harp scene.

It’s wonderful to see how interconnected these stories are and I’m so delighted to share them all with you. They are also connected to the pieces I’m working on now. Do you know why? Because I’m with the one-and-only CAMAC Midi-Harp working on harp arrangements here in Paris under Jakez and Isabelle’s roof. How cool is that! Stay tuned for new arrangements from this retreat!

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