Holiday Collection (Collected Blogposts)

Eeeek!  I just realized I haven’t created a catalog of Holiday Blogposts yet this year!  So come back in a few minutes, refresh your screen and I’ll be working to get a clickable list ready for you so you can watch Holiday Videos, hear Holiday music, read... read more

My Life is a Joke

Yup. My life is a joke. Not just any joke. A very particular joke that my stepfather, Larry, used to tell. He was a child psychologist and I’ll use his official terminology – perfected in child-psychology seminars, no doubt. So here’s the joke: A team of child... read more

Music to Dine For

Music to Dine ForHappy Thanksgiving I made this collection of instrumental specifically for playing during dining – whether you have guests or not – though I love the stories of people telling me their guests said, “Wow! What IS that music? What IS... read more

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