Mini-Marathon Facebook Live Today

I’m doing a Mini-Marathon Facebook Live as a challenge to harpist Shelley Fairplay, creator of the “Start Harp” Method of online harp learning. Why just a Mini-Marathon? Well, I’m ALSO doing a FREE WEBINAR today to share my “Blueprint for Improv”... read more

Sylvia Woods Ezine Story Sept. 2019

When I was seven I learned to ride a bike and play the ukulele. That set the scene for my life: music and movement were inextricably combined in my mind.  My first public performance was a school assembly: sitting on stage, 10 years old, with a baritone uke, looking... read more

We crave art … but WHY?

Why do we crave art? What does it give us? I always think about this when preparing for a show – like my show this Saturday at the Crosby Center in Belfast, Maine [read about the show – buy tix here – see my personal map of Maine so you can tell... read more

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