Music to Dine For

Music to Dine ForHappy Thanksgiving I made this collection of instrumental specifically for playing during dining – whether you have guests or not – though I love the stories of people telling me their guests said, “Wow! What IS that music? What IS... read more

Harp By Candlelight

Sometimes a gift is about sharing what you think of as your ‘true self’. Sometimes a gift is about sharing a part of yourself that may feel awkward, or different than you think you are – and yet it speaks to the heart of someone you love in a way... read more

7AM Sonata (Re-DHC Project)

It’s my birthday today — and instead of having a wild party or a celebrating a massive achievement what I did today was make a commitment.  A commitment to release old works, secret works, parts of myself I know, but don’t share. To release at least... read more

A Private Affair

What happens when someone wants to share their favorite artist with their favorite group of people? Sometimes they buy a block of tickets to a show. Sometimes they send out links or CDs to share the artist’s music .  And sometimes … they actually call up the... read more

Day 1 – DHC Challenge – We Begin!

Read about the "DHC Challenge" Project (click here) The "DHC Challenge" is the pilot project for a collaboration with harpist, soloist and educator, Robbin Gordon-Cartier. The project uses my harp concertos to support both community and learning by teaching... read more

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