Thu. May. 14, 2015  •  7:00-8:30 PM
San Diego Area Harp Workshop with DHC
MoMM (Museum of Making Music) • Carlsbad, CA

 5790 Armada Drive • Carlsbad, CA 92008
Come for the workshop on Thursday & return for the concert on Friday!

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Whether you play classical, folk or improvisatory jazz – whether you perform in thousand-seat concert halls or at the bedside of a friend – whether you’re an impassioned beginner or an experienced professional … the skill of arranging is one of the most important you can learn. Once you know the basics of arrangement, you can turn any melody into a ‘piece,’ you can vary the length and even change that arrangement on the spot!

In this harp workshop for all levels – Pedal & Lever Harp – you’ll learn the fundamentals of arrangement: how to EXPAND simple tunes, SIMPLIFY complex ones, and use techniques like variation, vamps, improvisation, introductions and codas to create your own arrangements – so you can stop worrying about the notes on the page, and start playing the music you love at your level or ability … plus you’ll learn some cool harp tricks to impress your friends and family!

Deborah Henson-Conant is an award-winning composer and performer who specializes in creating music for harp, chamber ensemble, orchestra and music-theater. She’s the world’s leading electric harpist, creator and founder of her own online school for harp, “Pluck University.” “Arrange Yourself” is excerpted from her popular 10-week online course ‘Hip Harp Toolkit.”



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