Rockin’ out at the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse in Franklin, MA

Are you afraid of stumbling over your folk roots?

I know you are!  How can I tell?

Well … I have a show this weekend at a place about 25 miles from Boston that’s considered “Probably the finest church coffeehouse in the country.” (Ellis Paul)  – and right now, the ticket count is at … shall we say … ‘highly intimate.’

Which is cool because I LOVE intimate playing situations but …

I know I have a huge audience in the Boston area — and a lot of them live in the suburbs within easy driving-distance of Franklin, MA- but they’re not used to seeing me at a coffeehouse

They’re used to seeing me in theaters or arts centers — and everything about this place – from the funky website to the name, “Circle of Friends Coffeehouse” – looks über folksy and crunchy-granola – like a place where you’d expect to hear a singer-songwriter with a twangy guitar – which  is about as far away as you can get from what I do.

We get the idea that a certain kind of thing happens in a certain kind of place.

And that’s generally true … but there’s nothing fundamentally true about it. A wonderful listening room is wonderful for listening to anything. An intimate space creates an intimate experience about anything in it.

 … and this place is WONDERFUL.   I LOVE it!

The acoustics are great, the atmosphere is great, it’s got ample free parking right outside the door – and it’s got all the GREAT elements of a true church-basement coffeehouse – right down to a mouth-boggling display of hand-baked refreshment – and it’s an incredible listening room with a true feeling of intimacy.

It’s also a place for passion and humor and intensity.  If you doubt that, check out the picture (above) which was taken at my last show there.

And even though it may look like the dress code specifies Birkenstocks .. you CAN wear your red high heels!

So forget the fear of stumbling over old folk roots and go buy your tickets because this folky hangout is also one of the great listening rooms in the greater Boston area – and I’d LOVE to see you at the show this weekend!

And … hey — wait ’til you see what I’m gonna wear!  And it ain’t Birkenstocks!


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