This Sunday – May 31st is the final Beta Test for my all-new online course EXCLUSIVELY for harpists called “Hands on Harmony.” Join the Beta Team before the price goes up!

Hands-On Harmony for Harps!

… or …


Now YOU can learn harmony HANDS ON in a one-day virtual retreat – or work at your own pace and watch the replay.  Either way, you’ll cozy up to your computer with your harp, put your hands on your strings and have FUN learning – and playing – harmony.

The Sun. May 31st Retreat is the final “Beta Test” for this new program and when you register now you get instant access to the two previous Beta Replays, PLUS this Sunday’s retreat (live, or work-at-your-own-pace … or both) all for the Beta price of $139.

Did you know that the harp – lever or pedal – is THE PERFECT INSTRUMENT for learning harmony at any level? Harp is the ONLY instrument that actually shifts from key to key, so unlike any other instrument the harp puts a visual, physical metaphor for harmony literally into your hands.

Seriously!  Literally … in your hands!  And I’ll show you how to reach out and grasp that harmony!


Can’t come LIVE this Sunday? No Problem!

No worries!  At least half the people who register actually prefer to wait and watch the recorded version at their own pace.  Others love to be there live to ask questions and take part in the discussions.

How does it work?

If you want to come live, we meet in my online classroom where my online facilitator, Claudia, will help you if you have trouble connecting.  You pull your harp up to your computer (or your computer up to your harp), put your hands on your harp – and we start!  You can come dressed-as-you-are, you won’t have to be on camera and if you want to ask questions you just type them into the chat window.



We start at the very beginning, learning how chords are built and you practice everything on your harp as we go along.  You get a PDF of all the examples and exercises, downloadable audio files you can listen to over and over — and after I edit the live video, you get online access to the whole program, chunked down into bite-sized pieces.

From basic chord building, I show you a few simple chord VOICINGS to use and then we start right in playing PROGRESSIONS, or short series of chords. From there we start EXTENDING the chords – so you can build 9th and 11th chords and ALTERING chords so you can play chords like G7(b9) or Bm7(b5).

It’s like playing on a musical jungle gym – you just jump in to get started - and you get stronger and more agile the more you do it. Share on X

By the end of the day you’ll know how to MODULATE from key to key (using my really fun trick of “Diversion”), how to create simple chord SUBSTITUTIONS and how to shift in and out of the RELATIVE MINOR.

You’ll get a sample LEAD SHEET and learn to PSYCH IT OUT so you’ll know where you actually need to change levers/pedals and where you can kick back with the settings you already have.  You also get some stress-savin techniques for avoiding pedals/levers when you’re just not sure whether you should change them or not!

AND NEW FOR BETA 3 on May 31st, by popular request, I’m adding a special new arpeggio game for practice changing chord qualities so you can practice arpeggios AND lever/pedal changing at the same time!




No problem!  You can watch the replay at your own pace or jump right in as soon as you register, since Beta 1 and Beta 2 are already on line.  Either way, you still get the Beta price of $139.  Just make sure you sign up before this Sunday’s Retreat – because after that the price goes up!

And when you’re a Beta-Tester, your comments, questions and suggestions can become a part of the course – you’re part of history!  That means each Beta retreat is a little different, based on comments I get in each one.  For example, Beta 2 moved a little faster than Beta 1 (thanks to a suggestion from Margi!) and has as section on modulation and altered chords.  And Beta 3 has an all-new Harmony-Changing Arpeggio Sequence thanks to a great suggestion from Kevin (thanks, Kevin!!)


Got questions about it? Use my “Ask a Question” Form and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

p.s. sometimes we have visitors in the classroom



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