This is where we are collecting all the links, videos, images, blogs and basic show information for my show on Saturday June 20th at the Celebration Barn Theater in South Paris Maine – so we (or anyone else) can easily grab the URL or image we want to help spread the news about the show.

WHO: GRAMMY® Nominated Electric Harpist Deborah Henson-Conant
WHAT: Solo Show “Hip HARP – Deborah Henson-Conant”
WHEN: Sat. June 20, 2015 at 8pm
WHERE: The Celebration Barn Theater, 190 Stock Farm Road, South Paris, ME 04281
TIX INFO: $25 general admission, $20 seniors & kids
TIX Short link:
BOX OFFICE: (207) 743-8452

BLOGS: Here is list of all the Barn-related Blogs. The first 4 are much better to use for promoting THIS show – the others are background info that’s interesting.

VIDEOS: Here are the urls for the videos we have.  All these videos are also in some of the blogs above, which you will see in the notes.

  • A Life Transformed by the Barn:  This video is about how Tony helped DHC transform her life and her instrument. (This video is in the Press release blog)
  • DHC Demo Video (With video slugs that promote Barn Show, this video is in the press release blog)
  • ‘Strum-Tune’ Arm-Harmonics: Technique video #1 -In this video DHC shows how she creates a strum technique for voice & electric harp using arm to create bell-like harmonics and percussive sounds (this video is in the 4 techniques blog)
  • Juanito’s Left-Hand Bossa: In this video DHC show how she developed a left-hand bossa-nova pattern to use with voice & electric harp(this video is in the 4 techniques blog)
  • Looper Pedal Bassline In this video DHC shows how she uses looper pedal to clone herself with electric harp (this video is in the 4 techniques blog)
  • Brubecker Multi-Area Tuning In this video DHC shows how to tune parts of the electric harp in different keys to can shift harmonic area when shifting to a different physical area of the instrument (this video is in the 4 techniques blog)

IMAGES: These are images we are using to promote the Barn Show.

The “rack card” (long poster)




Ezine Poster



Photo we sent with the press release



Tony and Me

Tony Montanaro and Deborah Henson-Conant

Tony and Me


Barn Exterior

Celebration Barn - Performance Workshops

Celebration Barn


Ginger Surprise

Celebration Barn 2010 - Ginger Kids at Show

Celebration Barn 2010 – Me and the Ginger Kids after the Show

Video Images:  (For the 4 technique videos)

Looper-2minTechnique-Youtube-click StrumTune-2minTechnique-Youtube-click Brubecker-2minTechnique-Youtube-click Juanitos-Youtube-click

Video Image: A Life Transformed by the Barn




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