Do you ever wish you could just let go and play music?  Or draw – or sing – or dance?

Nobody is stopping you.  But you can’t.

And is it true?  Is it TRUE that nobody’s stopping you?  

You feel tied down by a thousand tiny silken voices like the delicate strings holding Gulliver down in the land of Lillyputia.

Who tied those strings?  Can you even hear the voices?  Are they as elusive as incoherent echoes?

Do you have to hear them, do you have to answer them —  or can you just LET GO??

Yes.  You.  Let go.  The person holding all those delicate strings that hold you back is YOU.  And the “letting” of the “letting go” is the challenge.

And letting go is a practice.

The person holding all those delicate strings is YOU. #harpjam #harp Click To Tweet

After four years of building a virtual creative school for harp players, starting with the nuts and bolts of arrangement, through Blues and harmony, I finally hit the motherlode: the place where what I’m teaching and what I’m learning are flowing directly into the same stream.

It’s not about you “Getting IT” – it’s about letting IT get to YOU.

I’m teaching – and learning – that “letting” comes from the practice of doing tiny things that you CAN do, instead of constantly reaching for the things you can’t.

The challenge is to unleash the power, the joy and the pure simplicity of actually DOING the thing that you can already DO.  Clicking with it, and then letting it take YOU to the next place.


If you’re not already signed up for “Summer Harp Jam” and you play the harp Register NOW!

Each week we explore a different tiny progression or “Jam” that has infinite possibilities for expression – and learn to click into it at whatever level YOU are at – right now, with the abilities, the instrument, the body, the mind, the age, the time that YOU actually truly have.  Right now.  As you truly are.

“I’ve played harp for nearly 50 years. I have a strict classical background & never in my wildest dreams thought I could improvise. This makes it all come together in a way that I can relate to.” (Sally Walstrum)

“You made it so simple for me that it clicked in my head and I was adding a lot of extra notes on my own which gave me more confidence.  Maybe I can improvise after all!” (Ellen Jordan)

“I just realized that  I can play a really gorgeous improv and nobody will know how simple it is! And I can do all kinds of things with my right hand that sound great with the 1-6-2-5. (Nell Morris)

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The challenge is learning to let it be easy.  To let it take you.  To yourself.


Email me if you have questions, or just sign up and join with yourself in the adventure of discovering your own ability to express yourself.

The challenge is learning to let it be easy. To let it take you. To yourself. #harpjam Click To Tweet


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