The Man Who Wasn't YetOne of the books I didn’t write today is about a artist – a woman of a certain age –  a performer – recently rejected by her long-term partner, who decides the best way to find the man of her dreams is to craft him – by starting a coaching business for successful billionaires who want to expand their ability for personal expression.

It’s a Pygmalion-type story … you know, kind of “My Fair Lady” with a mustache.

Well, one of them has a mustache.

No … both have mustaches.  I forgot – she’s a woman of a certain age.

I mean an UNcertain age.

It's a Pygmalion-type story … you know, kind of 'My Fair Lady' with a mustache. Share on X

And of course she’s highly attractive to absolutely every man who hires her — though none know why — she doesn’t fit the standard profile of an attractive woman.

Ohhhh … and her name is Henrietta Higgins.

No, too obvious … Holly.  Yes, that’s good – Holly Higgins. No, Huggins.

Holly Huggins.

Anyway, as it turns out, Holly’s business is wildly successful and she becomes a billionaire, all her clients want to marry her and …

… and I didn’t get any further than that.

So … that’s the book I didn’t write today.  What book didn’t you write today?

That's the book I didn't write today. What book didn't you write today? Share on X
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