One of my favorite parts of  the Composer side of my life is seeing and hearing the artists who perform my music making it their own.

And that’s exactly what harpist Kobie du Plessis is doing — and not only that, she’s doing on the harp I invented with the CAMAC harp company, the “DHC” signature model! duPlesis-Kobie-with-DHC-36

Here’s the scoop on Kobie’s upcoming TV performance of my “Baroque Flamenco” and her feature at Mexico’s International Harp Festival:

Harpist Kobie du Plessis will feature “Baroque Flamenco” on Catalan’s El Punt Avui TV on Friday Nov. 27 at 18h30 Spanish time, playing an excerpt of the piece on her new “DHC 36” harp. (Yes, “DHC” does stand for Deborah Henson-Conant. Kobie has a beautiful new 36-string signature-model from CAMAC Harps!).

If you can’t make the live show, catch the replay anywhere in the world: ?? (On El Punta Vui: ) She’ll also be featuring the whole piece as the finale to her concert at the 2016 International Harp Festival in Mexico in January 2016.

One of the best parts of being a Composer is seeing artists who perform my music make it their own. Share on X


duPlessis-Kobie-with-flowersKobie was born in South Africa and now lives in Barcelona, Spain. She’s performed as a soloist with most of the major symphony orchestras of South Africa, as well as making solo and duo recordings for the SABC. As a solo performer, she loves to demonstrate the variety of sound effects and possibilities on different harps.

I first met Kobie in my online courses and it’s been exciting to watch her take the stage more and more and really make my “Baroque Flamenco” her own as she begins to perform it all over the world.  Kobie recently wrote me:

“Just want to say what a GREAT difference your music and your courses have made in my life, and influence on my approach to LIFE and MUSIC in general! Tremendous!” Kobie du Plessis

YOU can perform “Baroque Flamenco”
(or buy it for your favorite harpist)!

The sheet music includes 3 versions: Adv. Beginner, Intermediate and Professional — all in one manuscript.
Buy “Baroque Flamenco” via Download Now

Adv. Beginner & Intermediate versions are playable on lever or pedal harp – the Advanced version is for pedal harp

BarFlam-Gumroad-Image-Square2YOU can perform “Baroque Flamenco” or buy it for your favorite harpist to perform! Share on X

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