My new online course just for harp players just opened for registration!  It starts January 14th – and if you haven’t gotten a gift for your favorite harp player (which may be YOU) – then get over to use the Early-Bird discount code “EARLY” (all caps) and sign up by midnight Dec. 26 to get $50 off the course!

THEN ….  download one of these cool gift cards to put under the tree for your favorite harp player (or yourself).


THEN … imagine this … (or imagine it for your favorite harp player) …

8 weeks from now you pull out your harp at a party.  You sit down, greeted by those polite smiles at the thought of pristine harp music.  You place your hands on the strings AND YOU PLAY THE BLUES!

“I never knew a harp could do that!!!”

Yup.  That’s what you’ll hear!

What they won’t notice is there’s no music stand!  Because Blues is an improvisation form – and that’s what you’ll learn how to do – improvise!  And create basslines and accompaniment – and even SING the Blues (don’t worry – no singing required – but it’s a lot of fun).

And when someone wants to play with you and they say “What shall we play?” you can say, “Hmmmm…. how about a Blues in F” and then blow them away!

Just Remember:

  • REGISTER NOW for “Blues Harp-Style” 6-Week Online Course with Deborah Henson-Conant
  • USE THE CODE “EARLY” (all caps) to get $50 off the course ’til midnight, Dec. 26th
  • Then download the cool Gift-Cards – even if the course is a gift for yourself!


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