A message from Kathy DeAngelo of the Somerset Harp Festival on a cool new collaboration we cooked up today!!handcuffs-generic

Would you handcuff yourself to your instrument when you play?

No? Then why handcuff yourself to the notes on the page?

When you feel like you’re holding on to the page for dear life, like you don’t dare deviate from the notes or you’ll get lost — you’re handcuffed to the notes!

It’s time to take those handcuffs off!

My great friend Deborah Henson-Conant (“DHC”) has spent her life learning to take the handcuffs off of music, and she’s teaching a powerful, fun 6 week Online course called “Blues HarpStyle”  that teaches YOU to take off YOUR musical handcuffs and learn to play the Blues.

Not just upbeat and soulful Blues – but also Blues you can use in responsive and gentle ways.  It’s all about learning to liberate yourself from the page so you can really focus on the people you’re playing to – or with!

Her new course “Blues Harp-Style” begins THIS WEEK and she’s offering Somerset registrants an incredible deal.  If you’re signed up for SOMERSET, you’ll get $100 off “Blues Harp-Style” if you sign up by Mon. Jan. 18. But don’t wait – the course begins Thursday (yep, that’s right it’s tomorrow!).

Here’s what I want you to do:

1. Sign up for Somerset  here

2. Sign up for DHC’s full Online 6-Week BLUES HarpStyle and use the secret code SOMERSET (all caps) to get $100 off!  (If you need a few days to get your Somerset registration in, go ahead and use the SOMERSET discount right now – we trust you – DHC & I will  be comparing notes next week!)

3. Want a little taste before you join? Get instant access to last weekend’s “Jumpstart Blues” webinar here (the one DHC offered in my January  newsletter)  here.

This is a special Somerset discount only for Somerset 2016 registrants.

If you’re already signed up for “BluesHarpstyle,” you paid full-price AND you’re registering for Somerset, don’t worry – email DHC to work out full or partial retroactive discount if you missed getting a full $100 off.

This is the best discount DHC has right now on this course. She’s had others out there, but you can only take one – so take this one!

Got Problems or Questions? DHC said you’re welcome to use her “Ask A Question” link to get a message direct to her if you run into any problems.

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