If I could be … graceful Marie Antoinette dancing Minuet … and the fiery Queen of Flamenco, her heels pounding the floor.

barflam-IA-stylized-blog2Be them … both at once.

Not possible?

I say possible.

That’s why I play music.
That’s why I write music.

To BE what I am not. To become what I can never be.  To experience what I have never done or been and never will.

That’s why story fuels my music and why music bursts from my stories.

To bring me alive to myself as the character who lives in that story.
Who truly lives.
When I play that music.
With her passion.

She comes to life.
In me.
In my hands.
In my ears.

I EXPERIENCE the passion and beauty of the woman I will never be.

Born in my imagination.
Thrusting through my fingers and pouring from my throat, raging and glorying through my body.
This music lets me BE everything and everyone in every story I can imagine.



This is why I invented “Baroque Flamenco.”  To say I composed it only means that I composed the notes on the page once it had invented itself in me.  But the reason I composed it was for the experience of living it.

In the video above, I’m conducting the piece with soloist Eleanor Turner and members of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.

See others living it: https://hipharp.com/blog/7671
Live it yourself. If you play the harp …
Buy it here: https://gumroad.com/l/baroqueflamenco#

DHC ~ Feb. 4, 2016

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