This post is from a series that shares the “Final BEGINNING Projects” from my winter 2016 “Blues HarpStyle” online course for harp players. students created short videos based on what they learned in the course, and answered 5 questions about what they got from the challenge of this project.

Verhu?lsdonk-BettinaBETTINA SAYS:

Hi, my first video ever and I am not sure it works…

5 Questions DHC asks students:

1. Give a short description of what it took for you to get to the place of being able to play what you did – both logistically and emotionally

2. What freedoms and blocks in yourself did you connect with (or struggle with) in the process?

3. What challenges did you meet to connect with your own freedom of expression in this project?

4. What were your personal “Ahas”?

5. Is there anything else you´d like to tell people who are watching your video?


… notice Bettina didn’t answer the questions?  But she did send the video!  Even though she’s a busy lawyer — she CREATED it and SHARED it, she took part, she had fun and she made it HERS just by having that much fun with it (you’ll see when you watch it).  And she SHARED that fun with us!

Sometimes we don’t share, or don’t even show up, because we think we haven’t fulfilled some ideal or expectation.  I LOVE this video and the unanswered questions because they show that Bettina knows she has a place at the table of creative expression just because she loves what she’s doing and she shared that with us.

Brava, Bettina!!


Hey, thanks for reading this example of what it’s like to go thru a course with me! Did you have A-ha’s or revelations watching the video & reading what Bettina — or I — wrote? Add your comments below. Please – no critiques – just share what you learned from someone courageously sharing a project that’s the BEGINNING of a lifelong learning journey.

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