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My online course “Baroque Flamenco – BEYOND the Page” started Sept. 25, 2018 – and you can still join!  If you’ve always dreamed of playing this fiery showstopper – NOW is your chance.  Whether you are a Fledgling (Adv. Beginner), Intermediate or a Professional, a lever or pedal harp player – in this 4-week online class I will teach YOU how to play the piece on YOUR harp at YOUR level!


Want to know more? Here’s why “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page” ROCKS!!!

#1THIS IS THE PIECE EVERYONE LOVES TO PLAY! Audiences love this piece – so harpists  love to play it! No matter what version of the piece you play – Advanced Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, it’s just soooo much fun to hear how excited people get when they hear it!
#2IT’S SO GREAT TO HAVE A GRAND FINALE PIECE! Whenever you play for people, it’s so great to have one piece that you just KNOW everyone is going to love, one piece that you can save ’til last, and you KNOW people are going to ooooh and aaaah about!
#3YOU GET YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED ONE-OF-A-KIND VERSION OF THE PIECE! Yes!!! Your version will be different from everyone else’s – because we go BEYOND the page in this course!!! Because you get access to all the versions of the piece, and you get to see and hear them as much as you want, you get to pick and choose the parts of each that you want in YOUR version. Plus you’ll learn additional techniques and ideas in the course that aren’t even ON the page! That means that YOUR version will be different than everyone else’s!
#4IT SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Did I mention It’s really, really FUN! This piece is just amazingly FUN to play, and it’s amazingly fun to see how people respond to it!
#5“BAROQUE FLAMENCO” MAKES YOU STRONGER: Baroque Flamenco makes you stronger as a classical player because of the beautiful classical melody that inspired it. It makes you stronger rhythmically because of the Flamenco sections and the strumming rhythms you learn. It makes you stronger as a player because you express two deeply contrasting sides of your persona: the genteel classical side – and the passionate Flamenco side.
#6YOU PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS! My goal is to have you PLAYING this piece, not struggling with it! To do that you’ll get off the page and play to your strengths. And when you’re playing to your strengths, you feel stronger and stronger!
#7YOU CAN PLAY IT WITH FRIENDS!! Yup! I teach you how to play the piece solo – but I also tell you how you can go BEYOND the page and play it with friends – musicians like bass players or flute players – or other harp players!
#8YOU CAN TAKE IT ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!Advanced-level players can sign up for the “PRO” version of the course and get training in preparing the piece for auditions, for Chamber Ensemble performances and for performing with Symphony.
#9YOU CONNECT TO NEW FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD! Students come to my online school from all around the world, and they all get to interact in the classroom and in the private Facebook page. What does that mean? That means that you have harp friends from all around the world – harp players like you, of all levels and ages – who have all learned this piece together!
#10YOU’LL LEARN TO PLAY THIS PIECE IN REPONSIVE HARP SITUATIONS– One of the things you’ll learn is how to STYLE the piece differently. This is actually really easy, and really fun – and this piece is perfect for restyling. You’ll learn to slow it down, open it up and create a truly responsive, meditative piece. And guess what? When you play it in this way, it actually strengthens your ability to play it as a dramatic piece as well!
#11WE DO IT TOGETHER!! Yes! I’m with you through the whole class! Sure, you could read the sheet music. You could take the course on your own … but I’M THERE WITH YOU! That means I’m there to answer questions, to make suggestions, to show you new things that I may have never thought of before (Yes! It’s true – often the questions people ask me in my classes lead to completely new ideas!) – and I’m there to help you discover YOUR version of the piece, to help you simplify or embellish so you can truly express yourSELF with this music!

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