I’m Deborah Henson-Conant — and if you are a harp player — I want to show YOU what you’ll learn how to play in Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page:


Yup!  These are the BONES of my popular harp piece Baroque Flamenco – the piece you learn in “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page.”

This is actually how I see the piece in my head — and this is the first image I give you of the piece in this online class.

The way I learn and the way I try to teach is to try to understand and GRASP – literally grasp with my hands – the foundation of anything I’m learning so that I can embody and FEEL and EXPERIENCE it in a simple, fundamental way.

Once I can do that, then I can expand and embellish as I get more fluent at what I’m doing.

So I created this image because this is the way it exists for me as a composer:


See the red stars? Those are the percussive parts.  The first one is the introduction. The middle one is the cadenza – it’s the biggest one and the last one is the coda.

The blue circles are the graceful baroque melodies of this piece.

The purple rectangles with the red outlines are the flamenco variations you can expand and the green squiggles are the transitions between sections.

See? You’ve already memorized the structure!

The reason I love to work with this way is that that means everyone in the class starts same skeletal idea – like we do as human beings (or animals, actually) – and then each of us develops into our version of a human being.  Each version is perfectly imperfect and each version expresses a human being, human emotions, human expression.

when we can EXPRESS ourselves as humans thru art and music it's of the greatest human experiences Share on X

And when we can EXPRESS ourselves as humans especially thru art and music, that is one of the greatest human experiences and human connections that there is.

And that connection happens when we can start simply.

That’s what I have you do in “Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page,” starting with this drawing and expanding over 5 weeks into a piece that is YOUR version of this wonderful piece – at YOUR technical level, whatever that is – fledgling … or diva. Or a fledgling Diva.

I work with you so that this piece gives YOU a way to express your passion – whether that’s a passion for drama like a concert performer  — or whether that passion is for a gentle human connection, like harpists who play for therapy or hospice.

When you start with the bones, you can build it into anything you want.

If you play the harp – lever or pedal harp – from Fledgling to Professional level – Join me in Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page and start playing YOUR passion.

Baroque Flamenco BEYOND the Page


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