One of my favorite things about being a performer is the act and experience of transformation – and as much as I love playing state-of-the-art theaters, I also love it when people transform a non-performance space into a performance space.

I got to experience that last month when I played my annual ‘Garden Soiree’ concert at the Pacific Harps Showroom.  The showroom itself was once an out-building, the VIP lounge is a garage turned Casbah, the stage is a back porch and the patio becomes the audience seating.


The effect is completely magical.


… and because I can see the audience (heck, I’m almost sitting in their laps!), I can interact with even more spontaneity, like when I invited this actor up on stage to tell the story of Scheherazade as I played the story on harp. (Luckily we knew the same basic version of the story.)


Are you longing to transform someplace you love into a theater or concert hall?   I’m launching my new “Sponsorship Concert” program in New England – the program lets you sponsor the publication of a new concert work and enjoy a private concert as my personal thank you.  To learn more about it, email me and I’ll send you the details.

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