Two weeks ago, a new Grand Piano came into my lifeDHC-at-piano-Evvy-PtReyesDancePalace-ed, and sits in the room that was always waiting for The Grand Piano (see this post about how that happened).

A week ago, my house cleaner came for the first time post-new-piano and we were talking about it in our halting I-Can’t-Speak-Spanish/I-Can’t-Speak-English, when she pointed to a picture that hangs right outside my studio, and knocked her fingers knuckles against it, as if she were gently rapping at a door.

It’s a picture I see a hundred times a day, and don’t think much about although it’s right at the entrance of my studio.

It’s a picture of me sitting at a piano. I’m about 18, around the time when I gave my first solo concert. It might have even been a ‘publicity shot’ for that concert.

I’m turned toward the camera, sitting at a beautiful old piano that was in the Dance Palace, the artist collective where I lived — and the photo was taken by Evvy Eisen (one of my favorite photographers).

In the picture, it looks like I’m turned waiting for someone to return.  

And yesterday, when Carmen knocked on the picture, I got the feeling that I was finally at the door.

Where are you w­aiting for you?

Where are you waiting for yourself to return?  Where are you frozen in time wondering when – if ever – you’ll return?

Every day, working with the artists I mentor in my “Harness Your Muse” program,  I get to experience people knocking on their own creative doors, tentatively opening them a crack to see who’s there, opening them wider and wider.

Every day I get to experience the slow reach of hands across a lifetime as someone picks up an instrument, an idea, a passion they loved and left behind — or one they didn’t dare hope for — and invests themselves in it.

That rubs off on you.

Are you ready to meet yourself there?

My whole life I’ve searched for mentors, and found them.  You’ll read about some of them in some of my blogs: Tony, Swack, Michael, Felicia and others – people who helped me find my way to me.

If your dream is musical expression, then consider applying for “Harness Your Muse.” Enrollment ends July 1st – and even if you don’t join the program, the application itself will help you see your own path more clearly.  And if yours is a different dream –  photography, painting, dance?  Find a mentor, a guide to start your journey back to you.

And just think about this: When someone says “What are you waiting for?” the real question is “Where are you waiting for YOU … and what do you need to meet yourself there?”

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