On July 4th I presented an online event called “Fireworks for the Creative Spirit: An Intro to the Strings of Passion.”Fireworks-FB-boost-image

It’s an hour-long exploration in story, music, humor and ideas based on the seven ‘Strings of Passion’ I base my own creative life on, followed by an impromptu Q& A session.

The event was an experiment – a hybrid of music,  philosophy and learning – live in a virtual environment.  I was nervous about it – it’s very close to the bone for me – but the feedback I got from the people who came was so positive that I was encouraged to share it more publicly, so I’ve created a replay.

Sign up for the replay with the button below –  and please leave comments about what you hear-learn-see in the comments below.

for instant access to “Fireworks for the Creative Spirit”

The replay comes with a Playsheet that outlines the 7 principles in the Strings of Passion and a downloadable MP3 version of the event.




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