This was a little experiment I did playing around with a new song I’m working on and some funky video I happened to capture when I was recording it.  The video was definitely ‘not ready for primetime’ so I started playing around with it, seeing what I could do with it.

To download the MP3  click here.

In the first test, I used a “Cartoon Effect”  (if you don’t see anything below this – it just means the video is loading)

In the second test, I combined a video I took last summer of a sunset with the funky studio video, then put some saturation and “glass” effects on the studio video.  I like the basic idea, though I think of this song as a MORNING song, not an evening song, but I love it when the little droplets of sound from the harp seem to synchronize with droplets in the lake.

Here’s an earlier version I did that’s almost exactly the same as the one above except the image isn’t as clear.  I made the image clearer in the one above because I think it’s more fun to be able to actually see the fingers playing on the strings, even though I like how evocative the Test below is, and how the player-image melts into the background more.

I’d love to know which you prefer and why – let me know in the comments below. And if you want to take the audio away with you to listen on your own:

Download the MP3  click here


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