Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in the creative laboratory of an artist’s mind?  The Pluck Harp Cabaret is a series of mini-showcases live on stage and remote via video in which the performers in my “Harness Your Muse” mentorship share their yearlong creative odysseys and show a small segment of what they are working on.

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the creative laboratory of an artist’s mind? Click To Tweet

It’s an incredible chance to see what a varied group of creative minds, of various technical levels, life experiences and passions can express using a harp.

The Pluck Cabaret laboratory concerts are being held live in the Regent Underground Theater in Arlington, MA and shared via livestream at ConcertWindow.com.  You can see images from the past 2 performances in the slideshow at this blog, you can BUY TIX HERE in advance or at the door for the live show or purchase tix for the livestream HERE.

Here is a group shot:


Earlier this week we went through my “Big Picture” exercises in the theater.

Training & Planning for PLUCK Harp Cabaret
And starting on Wednesday night, we let people into our laboratory where …

I explain to the audience what they’re seeing: musicians in the midst of their exploration process – something you rarely get to see.160811-DHC-EXPLAINS-THE-PROGRAM-PREMISE-HYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-13

Kathy King talks about dreams:

Sally Walstrum: Librarian by day, harpist with stories by night…

160811-SALLY-WALSTRUM-LIBRARIAN-BY-DAY-HARPIST-WITH-STORIES- BY-NIGHT-HYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-8Alexandra tells us what it’s like to explore her inner composer160811-ALEXANDRA-COURSEN-SHARES HER-YEAR OF EXPLORING HER INNER COMPOSTER HYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-6Betsy Scott-Chapman brings us into her fantasy world for a serial concert experience160811-BETSY-SCOTT-CHAPMAN-SHARES-HER-SERIAL-ADVENTURE-CONCERTHYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-3

Here’s Stephanie Evans exploring physical sound:

160811-STEPHANIE-EVANS-EXPLORING-PHYSICAL-SOUND-HYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-11The European members tell the stories of their projects via video:

Jana Kozlowski exploring the bridge between worlds (via video)jana-video-for-blog

Nicole Mueller redefining Christmas (via video)mueller-nicole-video-for-blog

Katherine Harrison via video tells about her journey to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (via video)


Shelley Fairplay talks about her new show, “HarpoSphere” via video

Fairplay-Shelley-video-for-blog-pluckBack to the live presentations ….

 Pumehana Wadsworth gets a lesson in the school of rock harp.

160811-PUMEHANA-WADSWORTH-GETS-A-LESSON-IN-THE-SCHOOL-OF-ROCK-HARPHYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-21Teddy Jones creates a journey to seed new beginnings on a garden he can bring with him anywhere.

160811-TEDDY-JONES-CREATES-A-JOURNEY-TO-SEED-NEW-BEGINNINGS-HYMM-Pluck-Cabaret-25Here’s Teddy‘s Labyrinth, or journey cloth


Robbin Gordon Cartier shows us how life can change at any moment…

Deborah Henson-Conant says “Thank you for coming to PLUCK Harp Cabaret!”


In audience feedback…

This is what we look like when someone in the audience asks a great question.160811-AUDIENCE-TALKBACK-YMM-Pluck-Cabaret-31
We had a wonderful time!

Before the pose
Join us tonight 7:30PM and tomorrow at 10:30AM (Aug. 12 &13) for 2 more chances to see the PLUCK Harp Cabaret! You can come to the show LIVE at the Regent Underground (BUY TIX) … OR … you can watch ONLINE from anywhere in the world HERE!

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