Life is extremely rich for me right now – in both challenges and revelations.  Frankly I love hearing about other people’s challenges so here’s a snapshot of mine and you can just to give you a graphic –  is what I look like most mornings these days.


Many of my current CHALLENGES fall into the category of “Technical Issues.”  They’re all about that booby-trapped badlands between an idea and the ability to express the idea fluently to others.

... that booby-trapped badlands between an idea and the ability to express it fluently Share on X

Right now my biggest tech challenges are about building the back-end structure for my new “Hip Harp Academy – a year-long membership program that includes all my online harp courses into a curriculum that lets harpists work with me for a whole year instead of class-to-class.  I’m so excited about this new way of working with my creative tribe – but building the back-end is definitely a creative challenge despite a great team of creatives and tech helpers.

I know exactly what I want. If it were a song, I could just down and sing it.  But it’s not. It requires a completely different kind of voice – one that is not natural to me … yet.  In fact, right now that voice sounds pretty cracked and raw.

If it were a song, I could just down and sing it. But it's not. Share on X

And as weird as it seems, the fact that I struggle with things like this is part of what helps me totally ‘get’ the struggles that harpists have with their instruments.  As uncomfortable as the transition between not-being-able-to-do and being-able-to-do is for me it’s that very discomfort that helps me find ways to get around similar disconnects for the people I mentor and teach – people who can feel what they want to express, but struggle – like I do – with becoming fluent in a new voice with new technical issues.

Knowing I can help them do what they think is impossible helps me realize that I, too, will be able to do this thing that, right now, sometimes feels impossible.

Being able to help them make the shift from “I can’t do this” to “Ohhhhhh, I get it!” helps me realize that that shift will happen for me as well.

So … if you play the harp, sign up to be on the “First To Know” list for the school now – folks on that list get first dibs at the VIP slots in the school and a discount on signup … er …  as soon as we get it open.  If you think you’re already on the list, feel free to sign up again – it won’t put you on the list twice unless you use a separate email address.

And if you like reading about my challenges, let me know … I’ll be happy to share more of them!


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