Yaaaay! I’ve just published 2013 Arrangement of “Baroque Flamenco” for Harp Ensemble, commissioned by the American Youth Harp Ensemble – and now YOUR Harp Ensemble can play it!

bfharpensayhe-productmini-gumroad-squareThe Download Package includes 5 multi-page PDFs:

  1. The Full Score: So you can see how all the parts fit together (see examples below)
  2. Harp 1 – Pedal Harp (Int. to Adv. Level)
  3. Harp 2 – Pedal Harp (Int. to Adv. Level)
  4. Harp 3 – Lever Harp (Int.)
  5. Appendix – my personal description of how to play all the special effects in the piece

It should be possible to adapt much of Harp 1 and Harp 2 for lever harp – and if you’ve worked with me before, you know that I do encourage you to adapt my compositions to play on lever harp, if I haven’t already done it. So even if your ensemble is of a different level, or different configuration, you should be able to use this arrangement to play the piece as an ensemble.

Many thanks to Sunita Stanislaw for pushing me to publish this version of the piece and to the American Youth Harp Ensemble for commissioning and performing it in 2013.

Buy Baroque Flamenco Harp Ensemble Pack Now

If you play it, make sure to let me know, post a video on YouTube and send me the link so I can try to share it on this page.


To get a sense of the level of each part, here are some sample pages from the full score where you can see all three levels playing together and how the parts differ from each other.

bfhrpens-example-p2 bfhrpens-example-p3 bfhrpens-example-p6 bfhrpens-example-p8


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