Today I was working with an advanced student in my mentorship program, showing different ideas for playing “Rhythm Changes” with harp, playing along with a backing track – and it was so much fun I wanted to show you what I was doing.

“Rhythm Changes” is the name for a whole category of jazz tunes that are based on the underlying harmonic ‘changes’ in the tune “I Got Rhythm.”  Not every jazz player knows every jazz tune, so playing “Rhythm Changes” is one way that jazz players can be nearly 100% certain that everyone will know the tune they’re playing.

Here’s the Facebook live video.  I think you can get to the comments somehow below the video, but if not, leave me comments here at the blog.

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By the way, the student I was working with is a pedal-harpist but I’m doing this on the lever harp in part because it’s fun, in part because my studio is in the attic (and my pedal harps are 2 floors down) – and in part because it’s easier for students to SEE when I’m bending or shifting note on the lever harp. ENJOY!!!


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