Two of my most popular online programs for HARP PLAYERS start on MONDAY at “Hip Harp Academy” 


“Arrange Yourself” is a 6-week course that teaches you to create your own on-the-spot arrangements from any simple tune – and “Hip Harp Toolkit” adds bonus modules to that curriculum to help you DO all kinds of fun things WITH those arrangements – like create video-greeting-cards, mini-repertoires or even your own concerts.   


On Oct. 24th I’ll be personally guiding the very first “HIP HARP ACADEMY” students through these programs and – if you play the harp – JOIN ME NOW! Register for my brand new “Hip Harp ACADEMY” – the yearlong membership program that combines ALL my online harp courses and you’ll get these two programs PLUS a year of additional courses, creative challenges and personal training from me!

The Academy gives you a full YEAR of immersion in the “DHC Method”  – the  method that teaches you to break free from the notes on the page and express yourSELF with your instrument at technical ability you have right now, this very minute. ‘FULL LEVEL’ membership gives you a full year of access to all my online courses plus sharing challenges and lots of live chats and interaction (see them all at   VIP LEVEL adds on personalized video feedback as well.

10-reasons-hha-arms-wideIT ALL STARTS WITH “Hip Harp Toolkit” and “Arrange Yourself” on Mon. Oct. 24th!

Now here are just 10 reasons why these programs ROCK!!!

number-yellow-red-1YOU GET MY SECRET FORMULA! It’s the formula at the HEART of most of the music we hear from jazz to classical sonatas! You’ve heard it thousands of times – but it’s secret because it gets so altered that you don’t hear as a basic structure.

So I’ve distilled it (Mwaaaa-haha!!) it into a BASIC 5-Part Formula that YOU can use over and over and over – to turn any simple melody into a improvised arrangement of any length and any complexity!

number-yellow-red-2YOU LEARN to play the GAME inside the MUSIC! Most musicians are stuck playing what’s written on the printed page, because they don’t know how music works as a game.  But once you learn my formula, each time you play a tune, it can be completely different!  Music becomes a game!  An the joy come when you pay WITH music instead of having to play the music you’re handed!

number-yellow-red-3IT’S LIKE AN ANTI-NERVOUS PILL!! Face it, the scariest part of playing for other people is the first few seconds!  So imagine what it would be like to have a wonderful, simple, INTRODUCTION that makes your audience “oooo and ah” and gives you time to get your musical bearings?  It’s like taking an anti-nervous pill!

number-yellow-red-4 IT SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Did I mention It’s really, really FUN — because you get to just let go of worrying about the notes you’re playing and truly just play WITH the music!


number-yellow-red-5YOU PLAY TO YOUR STRENGTHS! Because we use a formula, it can be applied to any simple tune, at any level (have I said that enough?).  That means that instead of YOU trying to fit yourself into a written arrangement, you can build an improvised arrangement to take advantage of YOUR strengths – whatever they are.

number-yellow-red-6IF YOU SIGN UP FOR THE ACADEMY AT THE VIP LEVEL, YOU GET PERSONALIZED – and highly POSITIVE – FEEDBACK FROM A MASTER TEACHER. Many students say that watching the feedback is one of the most valuable parts of the course and the most confidence-building.  And that’s not just mindless cheerleader. The kind of feedback I give you is the same kind I use with my professional-level colleagues to develop new material. We learned that ‘critiques’ are counterproductive – so my feedback always starts with what IS working because that’s the hardest thing for people to see in their own work!

number-yellow-red-7YOU CAN ASK ME ANYTHING! You have three different ways to get my personal coaching:  The live chats, the Facebook Group and the “Ask a Question” Form.  And, yes — you can ask me ANYTHING.  Now … will I answer absolutely anything?  Well, so far I haven’t gotten many questions I didn’t answer!

number-yellow-red-8YOUR ARRANGEMENTS GROW WITH YOU!  Imagine playing a tune you love, getting it in your fingers, hearing people hum along … and then hearing it DEVELOP, as you develop over the years!  Imagine hearing it change and grow as your skills grow.    Imagine that it gets easier when you’re tired, so you don’t have to work so hard!  Imagine it gets flashier when you want to impress people.  THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS when you learn to create spontaneous arrangements because they change as YOU change!

number-yellow-red-9YOU GET TO PLAY LIKE YOU!! Forget “Beginner,” “Intermediate” and “Advanced” – the truth is that each person plays at their own personal level, with their own strengths and their own challenges.  So I help you tailor the material to YOUR technical level whether you’re a professional who wants to create a flashy set of musical variations, OR a fledgling who wants to be able to sit down and have FUN!

number-yellow-red-10YOU GET TO PLAY WITH A SKELETON! OK, maybe that sounds scary, but skeletons are our foundation – they’re what hold us up and give us a strong internal structure! That’s what my 5-part formula becomes once you internalize it: a strong skeleton for every arrangement you play!  And once you have that skeleton, you can start adding anything to it that you want – from musical embellishments to stories, spoken word, dancing … to your favorite food! (Um … well, I’m not totally sure about the food part)


number-yellow-red-11WE GET TO DO THIS TOGETHER! Sure, you could take all the videos, handouts and audio files from this course and work on them on your own and you’d be getting soooooo much that way – BUT if you sign up for Hip Harp Academy NOW you’ll be able to take this course interactively – with me personally leading you through it! I’ll be WITH you each week, answering your questions through the Facebook Group, the “Ask a Question” form and the weekly chats, sharing new tips and hints – and LOVING having this adventure with you!!

So what are you waiting for??




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