I’ve been doing a bunch of Facebook Live events, I’ll be doing more and I’d love to have you join me.  They’re a mix of musical visits to my studio, impromptu songs where I sing people’s names or make songs out of their comments – and sessions where I’m showing harp techniques. Part of what makes them fun is that they’re unpredictable.  I just do them when I do them.  So …

Facebook Live SreenshotTake these quick steps to make sure you don’t miss my Facebook LIVE Events:

  1. Go to my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HipHarp
  2. Click the LIKE button if you haven’t already done that
  3. The text on the button will change to “liked” once you’ve liked the page
  4. Hover over the “LIKED” until a drop-down appears
  5. In the drop down, under NOTIFICATIONS, check off  “On (Live Videos)”

Here’s what that looks like:

fb-like-for-fbliveWhile you’re there, Check off “See First” as well!  When you do that, you’ll see ALL my posts in your feed. If you leave it on “default” then Facebook decides what you see – which means you may miss some of my most fun posts.

My #FacebookLive videos are mix of visits to my studio, impromptu songs & harp technique sessions Share on X

Secret Facebook Tip of the Day!

Have you ever wanted to share a Facebook post somewhere other than Facebook but couldn’t find the link?  Put your cursor on the video, and then right-click (conroe-click on mac) on the video. You’ll see an option that says “show video URL”, click that. Then copy the code that shows up in the pop-up window.

A big shoutout to Lissa at WebPresenceAcademy.com  for THIS Secret Facebook Tip!

To see some of the most popular videos I’ve done so far: CLICK HERE  to see me play Baroque Flamenco, talk about my Hip Harp Academy, and even sing lullabies to a viewer who needed to go to sleep! And CLICK HERE for another when it was late and I was tired and spent some time by myself singing & playing before anyone noticed I was there!

If you enjoy them, please leave a comment and share with your friends.

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