My new Hip Harp Academy opened in October, 2016 and we’re about to open registration for the first class of 2017.

Not a member yet?  Register for the Academy FULL at or grab the FREE-Level goodies by signing up for my “DHC-Freebies.

Academy Schedule of Classes for 2016-2017

When you sign up for the Academy at the “Full” level, you get all the classes below. You can take them at your own pace or join me for a guided journey through each of them in order.

You can join the academy any time, but I encourage you to join at the beginning of one of the guided courses so you get the added energy and accountability from my guidance through each course and from your fellow Academy members.

I want you to focus on applying and implementing what you learn. That’s why focus on getting the BASICS into the first few weeks of each course, and then include review and  implementation as we move on from there.  Each guided class also has weekly live chats where you can ask whatever you want (and replay to watch at your own pace if you can’t get ther elive).

I  know you’re passionate, you want to get the most out of every program … AND life sometimes intervenes.  That’s why I put all my classes for harpists into one year-long program, with a cost that’s the same as what my ONE flagship course used to cost. That way you can breathe easier, not worry if you don’t take every class, catch every module or do every single homework assignment.

That’s why I also have one-day ‘virtual retreat’ courses where you get a learning BLITZ — along with the longer courses that let you learn over time.

The important thing to me is that you  apply what you learn, because that’s how you develop FLUENCY at your own technical level.

The power of expression is not about technical prowess – but about how comfortable you are expressing yourSELF just as you truly are right now.

There are the currently-scheduled courses in the order I’m planning to present them.  As you know, the Universe is always in a state of flux – and this is the Inaugural year of the Academy, so the schedule may shift – but this is the plan

  • Jan. 9 – Mar. 20:  Strings of Passion – a brand new 10-Week course in creative expression that takes you on a journey from the moment of creative impulse to the exultation of creative liftoff – with a workbook full of creative exercises
  • Sat. Mar. 25: Hands on Harmony Virtual Retreat –  Theory and harmony foundation from a harpist’s perspective!
  • Apr. 1 – May 14: Blues Harp-Style – Learn a low-down Blues, a Boogie-Woogie Bassline and even a slow and luscious blues you can play in therapeutic situations
  • May 20 – May 31: “Blues by the Dozen” – a 12-day Blues Challenge to play a new Blues Melody each day and post your rendition by the next morning, using the techniques you learned in “Blues HarpStyle”
  • June One-Offs: One-day “Beyond the Page” courses like “New Blues Beyond the Page” and “Season of the Night Beyond the Page” and Quick-Technique Courses like “Loopers” and “Amplification” and an all-day Virtual “Hands on Harmony” retreat
  • Jul. 5 – Aug. 21: Summer Harp Jam – Learn to jam alone or with others in this playalong virtual Summer Camp for Harpists – no homework, no stress – this is all about having fun and playing along in the moment (this is also a GREAT program for people who want to start playing with loopers.  Many of the jams you’ll learn in the course can be used with a looper pedal).
  • Sept. 5 – Oct. 5:  Baroque Flamenco Beyond the Page – You’ll learn to play one of the pieces that won me a Grammy Nomination – and take it beyond the page so you can perform it at your own level – simplified for fledgling players – and full of bells and whistles for advanced.   PLUS you’ll learn to play it in its original form, as a fiery showpiece, or adapt it to be a contemplative fantasia when you learn to take it beyond the page
  • Oct 19 – Dec. 12:  Hip Harp Toolkit (including “Arrange Yourself”) – Learn to create impromptu arrangements and entire repertoires from simple tunes and the “DHC Method” of expanding them only ’til they work for YOU

Learn more & Register at

Got questions?  Use the “Ask a Question” form to get them to my doorstep in the ether!


GENERAL WEEKLY Schedule for Courses:

This is the schedule that we follow for all the courses, except during off-weeks between courses:

  • Monday at MIDNIGHT – HOMEWORK DUE: Homework submissions (if you’re submitting homework) are due by day’s end
  • Tuesday: NEW MODULES OPEN – New Modules Open in the morning (but they’re often open on Monday – just check to see if they’re already available if you’re ready to move on)
  • Sunday – Q&A Chat (this schedule will vary, alternating between 2 or 3 times to make it easier for more of the International members to attend)



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